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New Releases for February 24

February is already over? At least it's going out with a healthy stack of New Releases.


BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

SALE Click this link to purchase select titles from our online store.


First up is WHIPLASH (@ BLU SALE), Best Picture nominee and winner of 3 other Oscars this past weekend. Miles Teller is a young drummer enrolled at a prestigious musica academy who becomes entangled in a high-pressure mentor/student relationship with a very demanding teacher played by JK Simmons (who won Best Supporting Actor for his performance). The less said about WHIPLASH the better, except that it's less a music drama than a thriller. 


Then, the Heroes at the Criterion Collection have released the bizarro animated classic WATERSHIP DOWN (@ BLU SALE). Based on Richard Adams' beloved novel, it's about a warren of rabbits who must find a new home when their shelter falls under attack from encroaching land developers. If you're unfamiliar with the film, it's way freakier than you'd expect any film about cute bunnies to be, violent and disturbing, but it's also beautifully animated and rich with detail.


Finally, Milestone has released a restored version of the essential (and previously quite difficult to see) ethnographic "documentary" IN THE LAND OF THE HEAD HUNTERS (@ BLU SALE). Way back in 1914, Filmmaker Edward S. Curtis was one of the first people to document the rituals of the Kwakwaka'wakw tribe of the Pacific Northwest. This film is a partly staged recreation of one of the tribe's folktales, but it also includes gorgeous early footage of authentic rituals and art. Don't miss this important piece of early cinema.


As for the rest, don't forget to check out the following: Criterion also releases FELLINI SATYRICON (@ BLU SALE), the Italian master's uniquely surreal trip into Roman history. There's Ang Lee's breakout film EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (@ BLU SALE). Don't miss the under-appreciated musical drama BEYOND THE LIGHTS. Shirley Clarke's landmark meta-documentary THE CONNECTION (@ BLU SALE) has been lovingly restored by Milestone. On the catalog blu-ray front, there's Frankenheimer's Elmore Leonard adaptation 52 PICK-UP (@ BLU SALE), William Friedkin's early caper film THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED MINSKY'S (@ BLU SALE), and Robert Aldrich's WWII adventure TEN SECONDS TO HELL (@ BLU SALE). For horror aficionados, we've got the US Theatrical cut of Bava's BLACK SUNDAY (@ BLU SALE), Larry Cohen's cult thriller GOD TOLD ME TO (@ BLU SALE), and slasher staple NEW YEAR'S EVIL (@ BLU SALE). The TV tip also brings us the final season of SONS OF ANARCHY (BLU). Last but not least, for the kids, there's Marvel's BIG HERO 6 (@ BLU SALE).


Here's the full rental list:


Beyond the Lights (2014)

Blood Red (1989)

Candle for the Devil (1973)

Dangerously Close (1986)

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) @ BLU SALE

Fellini Satyricon (1969) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU SALE

God Told Me To (1976) @ BLU SALE

Green Street 3: Never Back Down (PAL / Region 2)

Harmony Heaven / Over She Goes (1938) (PAL / Region 2)

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) BLU 

In the Land of the Head Hunters (1914) @ BLU SALE

Love Me (2013)

Master (2014)

Music Hath Charms / Songs You Gave Me (PAL / Region 2)

Outside Bet (2012)

Slaughter Nick for President (2012)

Ten Seconds to Hell (1959) @ BLU SALE

Tiger and Bunny: The Rising (2014)

Traitors (2013)

Vanish (2014)

Watership Down (1978) (Criterion Collection) @ BLU SALE

Whiplash (2014) @ BLU SALE



American Arab (2013)

Connection (1962) @ BLU SALE

Daughters of Dolma (2013)

Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink

Return to the Wild (2014)



Big Hero 6 (2014) @ BLU SALE



52 Pick-Up (1986) @ BLU SALE

Black Sunday (1960) (US Theatrical Cut) @ BLU SALE

New Year’s Evil (1980) @ BLU SALE



Midsomer Murders: Season 16

Sons of Anarchy: Final Season BLU 


That'll about do it for this week's stack of new titles. We'll be back next Tuesday as usual with another dose. Until then, Happy Browsing, Renting and Buying!


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