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Meet BILLY DEE WILLIAMS on January 31!

You read that right! We're hugely happy to announce that the awesome Billy Dee Williams, the man who played everyone's favorite Intergalactic Entrepreneur, is going to be appearing right here at Scarecrow on Saturday, January 31st from 12-2pm.


We're told that Mr. Willams isn't scheduled to make any Seattle-area appearances this year, so you don't want to miss your chance to meet this icon! 

Please note: Billy Dee Williams will be charging $30-$40 per autograph. He will have a variety of photos available for sale at his table (included in the autograph fee). The price is the same if you bring your own items to get signed. He will pose for pics at his table only with those fans that make an autograph purchase.

Also this:

Works Every Time.

See you next Saturday!!



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