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January in our Screening Lounge!

Alrighty Gang, It's time for another month (and a whole new year) of putting eyeballs on great movies. January's Screening Calendar is mostly full of selections chosen by folks who contributed to the Scarecrow Project Kickstarter and chose to program a night as a reward for their generous contribution. But because our collection is so huge and our customers have such great taste, there's still a ton of great stuff coming your way! Click on the image below for a version you can save or print. 



And we have one very special event lined up for you too! On Friday the 16th, we're hosting FRAMING PICTURES, the floating conversation about film founded several years ago by veteran critics Robert Horton, Richard T. Jameson, and Kathleen Murphy, from 5-7:30 pm. Customarily the Framers engage with several films due to break on theater screens. But that's not all. The cinema is an eternal present-tense, and with the slightest hint of topicality—a pending DVD/Bluray release, the theme of the month on TCM, the latest epiphany from Jean-Luc Godard—the conversation is free to go there.  Drop-ins are encouraged to drop into the conversation along with the regulars. Don't miss this!



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