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Local Horror Film THE DEVICE DVD release Party!

Scarecrow Video is proud to invite back the makers of The Invoking for another exclusive opportunity to be a part of the DVD Pre-release Party for their latest sci-fi horror/thriller, The Device, on Monday, December 15, 2014.  DVDs for the film will be available in advance of the December 16th street date and to add to the revelry, the cast and crew will be on hand to sign them, and chat about the making of the film and all things horror.  Immediately following the signing, the movie will screen at the Grand Illusion Cinema at 8 pm.

The Device is the second feature length film by The October People and director Jeremy Berg.  Abby and Rebecca Powell haven’t seen each other since a traumatic event in their youth ripped them apart. Reunited for the first time in over a decade, the sisters take a trip to spread their mother’s ashes at a secluded lake. As the sisters reconnect and try to heal old wounds, something waits in the nearby woods. A strange object, made not by the hands of man, beckons them to it. As they begin to try and unlock its secrets, Abby is plagued by nightmares of an alien presence that seem all too real. Little do the sisters realize that this object is actually a device, one with a purpose too horrible to comprehend. As the events of the past and the present begin to merge, new discoveries will threaten to tear apart their newly reformed family, and the inhuman creators of the device will attempt to finish a terrible experiment begun years before.

Comprised of a predominantly local cast and crew and shot in South Seattle and Belfair, WA, this film won the audience award at the 2014 Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle, WA.  One of the bonus features on the DVD is a commentary track with Fire in the Sky and Intruders screenwriter Tracy Torme.

In attendance at both the party and the screening will be Jeremy Berg (Writer/Director), John Portanova (Writer/Producer), and the stars, Angela DiMarco, David S. Hogan, and Kate Alden.

Come on out, join the party and get a jump on everyone else in getting your signed copy of The Device, then head on over to the Grand Illusion Cinema to watch it on the big screen.  Beer and snacks will be available at VHSpresso during the pre-release party.

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