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An Important Message from our Current (Soon to be Former) Owners

OK folks, it's time for a very important bit of information regarding any outstanding Store Credit or rental punches on any of our customers' rental accounts. Since the Kickstarter launched, many of you have had questions about this, and we have a definitive statement from our current owners, so here you go:

"As you may know, a non-profit group, The Scarecrow Project, is taking over the future operations of what is today Scarecrow Video. Once this happens, the current business entity known as "Scarecrow Video" will cease to exist. What this means for you:

  • All merchandise sales, including DVD and Blu-ray Players, will be final as of October 8th, 2014No returns will be accepted after that.
  • Prepaid Punches, store credits, and gift certificates will no longer be valid after October 8th, 2014. Please use those up before then in order to avoid losing them. Please note - No remaining balances or credits will be paid out as cash.
  • Scarecrow Video is no longer purchasing used product. 
  • Scarecrow Video will continue to special order movies, but all special orders must be pre-paid. That way, if the movie arrives after The Scarecrow Project takes over, it can still be picked up from them.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support of Scarecrow Video and The Scarecrow Project!

-- Carl Tostevin & Mickey McDonough, current owners"

So there you have it. Sorry to for the unpleasant details, but it's important to be clear that Scarecrow Video as we know it will effectively close, and a new organization will be coming in. This ensures that the new non-profit can take over smoothly and with a clean slate.

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