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September in our Screening Lounge!

Alright, it's time for another month of putting eyeballs on great movies!  We've got a ton of great stuff lined up for our Screening Room in September. A full compliment of Vincente Minnelli musicals, some fantastic vintage Japanese sci-fi, classic anime, and the usual extra special events and gatherings! Remember, all of our screenings are ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just remember to pick up some beer or snacks or other refreshments from VHSPresso! Right click on the image for a version you can save.


Music Mondays: Magnificent Minnelli

We're turning over our Music Monday selections to the great Hollywood filmmaker (and father of Liza) Vincente Minnelli. During his long career he made lots of terrific musicals (enough to program another month's full, so stay tuned for that possibility!). We've picked a handful of them, including a couple we feel are under-seen. Every Monday in September at 7pm you'll get a new one, starting on the 1st with CABIN IN THE SKY. The rest of the month brings MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS on the 8th, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES on the 15th, THE PIRATE on the 22nd, and THE BAND WAGON on the 29th. Click on any of the titles to have a look at a trailer!


Wednesdays with Ishiro Honda

Japanese filmmaker Ishrio Honda is probably best known for directing the original GODZILLA and a bunch of later entries in that series. Honda was basically the father of the Kaiju genre, and he also made dozens of Tokusatsu ("Special effects") films. We picked a crop of some of his best non-Godzilla creature features. We'll be serving one up every Wednesday at 7pm. First up on the 3rd, it's Abominable Snowman jam HALF-HUMAN. On the 10th it's Kaiju classic RODAN, followed on the 17th by VARAN THE UNBELIEVABLE. Finally, on the 24th, one of his best and most underappreciated films, the absolutely bizarre and very dark MATANGO, about a island of people turned into mushroom monsters! Click on those titles for some great trailers.


Vintage Anime Thursdays

If you've ever been to the store you know we have a massive selection of anime titles. We thought we'd pull out some of the ones that kicked off the genre's popularity in the US, the ones we all saw dubbed and on VHS as kids that really made us excited about anime in the first place. We've got three of them lined up on Thursdays at 7pm. On the 4th it's VENUS WARS, followed by the rollicking PROJECT A-KO on the 11th, and then the immortal VAMPIRE HUNTER D on the 18th. 


Friday Fritz Lang Double Play

The legendary Fritz Lang directed some of the greatest movies ever, like METROPOLIS, M, DIE NIBELUNGEN and the DR. MABUSE films. He also was responsible for some incredible adventure stories, and we've got two of his best on deck for a couple of Fridays. On the 5th, at 8pm, it's THE TIGER OF ESCHNAPUR, and on the 11th, also at 8, we have THE INDIAN TOMB, with the unbelievable Deborah Paget. These are some really exciting movies, on par with anything out these days even though they're over 50 years old. 


Saturday Night Fright-Hole!

Everyone love's Rich's horror movie picks for Saturday nights at 8pm. This month we've got GRADUATION DAY on the 6th, about a high school track team getting sliced up by a killer in a fencing mask. The 13th brings RETURN TO HORROR HIGH, a slasher comedy about a film crew making a movie about a serial killer (look out for a young George Clooney in a leading role). Finally on the 20th there's TRICK OR TREAT, about a devil-worshipping rock star back from the dead for revenge!


Special Screenings and Events

As usual, we've got a bunch of special screenings and events set up.

On Saturday the 13th at 1pm, local filmmaker Heather Solarseed is hosting a Free Workshop: "Actors and Directors Working Together".

Friday the 26th is our monthly meetup of the Sci-Fi Commons Movie Club! These guys always have a blast and pack the Screening Room. This month they're showing the all-time classic ALIENS! It's free at 8pm.

The next night, Saturday the 27th at 7pm, we've got something really cool. Local musician Daniel Davis is going to be providing a live soundtrack to Mamoru Oshi's classic 1985 anime ANGEL'S EGG. If Live Soundtracks to Strange Films does well we might be able to bring it back every month, so definitely check that out!

And Don't forget: Every Tuesday is GEEKS WHO DRINK TRIVIA at 7pm. Make sure you get here early to grab a good spot.

Check out the full calendar for all the other great movies we're screening this month, Hope to see you at some or ALL of these shows!





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