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Our First Scarecrow Project Stretch Goal!

Greetings Everyone!

After the tremendous response to our #ScarecrowProject Kickstarter launch and seeing how quickly all of you responded to our call to action, we wanted to think very carefully about adding a stretch goal. From the outset of this project, we have taken a financially conservative position, as our number one goal is not just to transition the collection into a non-profit but to ensure that it remains around and accessible for many, many years to come. With this in mind, we felt that our first stretch goal should be a modest one.

So here it is.

It's not a secret that the last few years have been tight at Scarecrow, and as a result there are a lot of amazing things we've had to pass on that, which in more prosperous times we would have snapped up without hesitation. Currently all of you have contributed an astounding $110,000. If we can raise an additional $50,000 (bringing us to around $160K), we want to use a portion of those funds to further expand our already incredible, one-of-a-kind collection.

We're specifically talking about titles like:

  • The entire Masters of Cinema collection, the UK’s (and basically the rest of the world's) version of the Criterion Collection.
  • complete set of titles from Twilight Time, many of which we've had to pass on. Twilight Time licenses small print-runs of catalog titles from studios that simply don't see the cost-benefit of a wider release. These limited editions often go out of print almost immediately and can be very difficult and expensive to come by.
  • The deep trove of studio classics released by Olive Films, featuring many important, often newly restored works by famous filmmakers. We've been able to acquire many of their DVDs, but have been unfortunately forced to pass on many of their Blu-ray titles.

Those are the more widely known choices, but of course Scarecrow isn't just about what's popular or famous. It's important that we look into smaller pockets of film history, too. For instance:

  • We could round out our collection of the works of D.A. Pennebacker, the pioneering documentarian responsible for films like "Don’t’ Look Back" and "Monterey Pop." Those more well-known films are widely available, but his more esoteric films and shorts, expensive and sold only through his website, are just as significant but not as popular.
  • The Edition Filmmuseum collection, which defines itself as "a joint project of film archives and cultural institutions in the German-speaking part of Europe."  Its stated ambition is "to publish film works of artistic, cultural and historical value in DVD editions that both utilize the possibilities of digital media and meet the quality demands of the archival profession."  We carry a small handful of their 90+ titles, but rounding out the set would be an invaluable addition to our inventory.

We could go on and on but this gives a good picture of our intentions. The remainder of these additional stretch goal contributions would go straight into our "rainy day fund." Our initial goal was the bare minimum of what we need to get our non-profit dreams off the ground, and every single extra dollar is needed to ensure the#ScarecrowProject successfully takes flight. We believe this is a worthy and attainable stretch goal. We ask for your continued support by encouraging your friends, co-workers, local baristas, mail carriers and pretty much everyone else you know to become physical media champions just as you have! Since it's not remotely possible to say this enough, THANK YOU ALL once again for your overwhelming support!! Keep spreading the word with #ScarecrowProject!

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