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The World Needs RAD!

Did you guys see this terrific Buzzfeed piece yesterday?

26 Hard-To-Find Movies That Remind Us Why VHS, DVD, And LaserDisc Still Matter

It's just one of the many articles and interviews that have been popping up online since we launched the #ScarecrowProject! We jumping up and down over here because of all the kind words and encouragement we've gotten. Here's another favorite, one of the best articles ever written about Scarecrow and its mission from the good folks at Vice Motherboard:

This Legendary Video Store is Going Out of Business to Save Itself

We're particularly fond of the way that piece summed up what we want to do with the#ScarecrowProject:

"The store isn’t just looking for money to keep DVD rentals flowing through the return bin, though. Its ambition is to become less of a store and something more like a B-movie counterpart to the American Film Institute or the UCLA Film & Television Archive—an organization that preserves and brings attention to the films that need it most."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

Below you'll find a rundown of ALL the great stuff folks have written about us in the last week or so. Stay tuned tomorrow, when we'll finally be announcing our modest stretch goal. And some new rewards may be just around the corner. Until then, Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your support and contributions. We need you to keep it coming! We've met our initial goal but we want our piggy bank to be as full as possible moving into the future! Thanks again!

The original Seattle Times piece marking our launch.

A great piece from yesterday at Huffington Post.

Pickstarter: Help Save Seattle's Mover Nerd Mecca (via Nerdist)

Keep Home Video Alive (via Indiewire)

Help the Legendary Scarecrow Video with their Film Preservation Kickstarter Campaign! (via Ain't It Cool News) 

Save the World's Largest Independent Movie Library (via Badass Digest and Alamo Drafthouse)

Matt and Kate's appearance on Mark Rahner's KIRO FM show (head over to Facebook and give Mark's show a Like!)

Revered Scarecrow Video to Preserve Library with Non-Profit Scarecrow Project (via Fangoria)

Scarecrow Video, one of the largest video stores in the world, to become a non-profit (via The Dissolve)

We even got some awesome tweets from Elijah Wood (who also contributed...Thanks Elijah!), Eli Roth and Kurt Loder!

Scarecrow Video raising $100K on Kickstarter (via GeekWire)

Scarecrow Video Funds the Hoarders' Dream! PHYSICAL MEDIA LIVES! (via Doc Terror)

[Crowd Source This] “The Scarecrow Project” (via Bloody Disgusting)

Help Preserve World’s Largest Home Video Collection (via SlashFilm)

Seattle's Scarecrow Video Looking to Become a One of a Kind Film Library (via RopeOfSilicon)

Bill Hunt's "My Two Cents" column at The Digital Bits

and finally, from KUOW, How Scarecrow Video is Like a Kung-Fu Movie!

With Love and Endless Gratitude, #ScarecrowProject

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