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A Heartfelt Message from Scarecrow's Founder!

Hey everybody! We are so close to hitting our goal! The level of support is truly incredible! Each and every one of us here at Scarecrow is so greatful. 

Over the weekend we received a lovely message from Rebecca Soriano, who co-founded Scarecrow with George Latsios 25 years ago, and we thought we'd share it with you. Rebecca writes:

"What a fantastic idea and Kickstarter launch to support a place that is so special! In 1988, with George’s passion for movies and the support of the film lovers of Seattle, Scarecrow Video breathed its first breath. It was lots of little bits of love and support that built this amazing store and that is exactly what will keep it dancing.

I’ll always remember the Friday in November 1988 when George came to me at work and told me we were going to lunch and he had to show me something. He told me he had quit his job and signed the lease on a small space next to the Latona Pub, and that we were going to open a video store. He took me there. I was speechless. He told me how great it would be, how it would be a different kind of video store, with non-mainstream movies too, and independent and foreign and cult films. He said it would give people many choices and a personal connection. He spoke for hours. He was so passionate and excited. He convinced me.

The next day it was 'Go time'. We started painting and I built the first shelves for videos.

We worked on a name, and when we said 'Scarecrow Video' we knew that was it. Scarecrow was born that day. But what truly made Scarecrow grow was you, every single one of you that rented movies from us, or came in and talked about movies, gave us your opinions or told someone about us. That’s what made Scarecrow thrive. George would be so very proud of what Scarecrow has become; he would absolutely love this store. He would love the passion, support and care that Carl and Mickey and the amazing staff has given to Scarecrow.

The non-profit idea is so exciting because it takes the Scarecrow idea and spirit and lets it do even more. It continues our idea of connecting people with film, keeping the collection together, and giving you many choices of videos, not just the ones that studios, -boxes, and -flixes want you to see. A non-profit will allow Scarecrow to grow, do things George and I only dreamed of, get grants, do film education, film programs. Wow! So exciting!

Thanks so much to each of you for supporting this Scarecrow Kickstarter. If you haven’t yet, now is the time. Its 'Go Time' again! We’re almost there, Little bits of love and support are what started Scarecrow, and that’s what will help keep Scarecrow growing."

Thanks for starting the dream Rebecca! And thanks again to all of our backers, past, present, and future!

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