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Inland Empire Comment-a-thon

Not to steal the thunder from the post about the USED VIDEO SALE, but... What does everyone think of Inland Empire? It's now playing on a regular engagment at the lovely Neptune theater here in the U-District, so I expect that even those poor, unfortunate souls who missed the Cinerama screenings can now take the 3-hour plunge into Mr.Lynch's opus. Please post your opinions in the comments! As for myself, I find it a difficult movie to discuss, because it is such an immediate, cinematic experience, and it's pretty devoid of the normal narrative and formal characteristics that one would normally disect. I love his work, so of course I'm predestined to at least like something that is so abrasively David Lynch. It quite literally contains thematic elements and tropes from his entire body of work. Equally sublime and frustrating, I found myself enjoying the film more when I stopped trying to figure it out, and started to just "observe" it...if that makes any sense. It's definitely a barrage of non-sequitors that may only be linked by tone, mood, or atmosphere, but never would I, as so many Lynch detractors do, accuse it of being "weird for weird's sake." It's sincere and on a purely visceral level, it's most definitely effective.