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Ticket Giveaway for SIFF's Archival Program Film Series!

Scarecrow has been a supporter of SIFF's always-great Archival Programming for years, and 2014, the festival's 40th Anniversary, is no different! This year we're giving away a pair of tickets to six of their Archive features. To enter, just send an email to with "SIFF TICKETS" in the subject line, and include your name in the body of the email**. Here's a rundown of the films we've got tickets to:


Charlie Chaplin Shorts - Sunday 5/25 at 3pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown

Join "The Little Tramp" in his mis-adventures in this collection of short films, with live accompaniment by Donald Sosin. Fun for all ages!

Kid Auto Races In Venice – The first appearance of Chaplin's 'Little Tramp' character. Chaplin plays a spectator at a 'baby-cart race' in Venice, Los Angeles. The spectator keeps getting in the way of the camera and interferes with the race, causing great frustration to the public and participants.

One A.M. – Chaplin plays a rich young man who has trouble navigating his way to bed after returning home from a night on the town. Inside the house, the furniture and other inanimate objects become almost insurmountable obstacles for the drunk. The first film Chaplin starred in alone, except for a brief scene of Albert Austin playing a cab driver.

Easy Street – In a slum called "Easy Street", the police are failing to maintain law and order and so the Little Tramp steps forward (rather reluctantly) to rid the street of bullies, help the poor, save women from madmen.

The Immigrant – The 'Tramp' as an immigrant coming to the United States who is accused of theft on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean and befriends a young woman along the way. Also starring Edna Purviance and Eric Campbell.


Song of the Fishermen - Sunday 5/25 at 7pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown

The misfortune of a poor family living close to Shanghai and their struggle through life is illustrated in this silent film by director Cai Chusheng. A penniless woman gives birth to twins and then immediately afterward is made to work as a nurse for a rich family and their children. Although the class difference is dramatic, the wealthy young boy becomes friends with the impoverished twins, feeling a familial tie because of the role their mother played in his upbringing. They grow up, and the wealthy young man finds a job overseas in the maritime business. The twins follow and do their best to survive on the tough streets of Shanghai, waiting in chaotic, fruitless factory job lines before eventually joining a street performance group. Tragedy and disappointment follow the twins as they work to survive, and the divide between them and their childhood friend becomes far more depressingly revelatory. Newly restored by China Film Archive and being screened with a live musical accompaniment by Donald Sosin, Song of the Fishermen is an iconic film pairing bleak social commentary with strikingly beautiful and detailed shots.


Queen Margot - Monday 5/26, 3:45pm at the Egyptian Theatre

Shown fully restored to its original length, this multiple César award-winner is based on the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas. This sumptuous historical drama details the Catholic Marguerite de Valois, nicknamed Margot, as she’s bound in a loveless political marriage to Henri de Bourbon.


The Pawnbroker - Tuesday, 6/3 at 7pm, Harvard Exit

Sidney Lumet’s 1964 drama, about a Holocaust survivor-turned-pawnbroker in East Harlem who is haunted by the wickedness of the world, boasts a groundbreaking Quincy Jones score and Rod Steiger’s star-making lead performance. Shown in a newly struck 50th anniversary print.


The Skin - Wednesday, 6/4 at 8:30 pm, Harvard Exit

Based on the novel by Curzio Malaparte, with a script by Catherine Breillat, The Skin (1981) flaunts an all-star cast including Marcello Mastroianni and Burt Lancaster, and is set during the American occupation of Italy in 1944. Here's a clip:


Good luck with your entries, and we hope you'll have a ball at this year's Festival!





**One entry per customer, please (yes, we check). Winners will be selected at random and notified via email.

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