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New Releases for May 6

Happy Tuesday Everybody! We've got another haul of lovely New Releases for you, as usual, so let's get to it.


BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

SALE Click this link to purchase select titles from our online store.


First up is another great delivery from the Heroes at the Criterion Collection, Billy Wilder's 1951 media satire ACE IN THE HOLE (@ BLU SALE). Kirk Douglas stars as a cynical reporter relegated to a tiny Albuquerque paper after getting bounced from the big city. He tries to jump-start his foundering career by overinflating a story about a local man trapped in a cave, but it blows up in his face and becomes a massive media circus. This one also went by the title THE BIG CARNIVAL, and it was hard to see for years until Criterion released it on DVD a while back. This is a brand-new blu-ray upgrade.

On the rental tip, we also got in import copies of Lars von Trier's latest provocation, NYMPHOMANIAC VOLUMES I & II. Definitely not for the prudish or squeamish, it follows a woman named Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) as she relates her comically, at times dangerously sex-filled life story to a man who nurses her back to health after finding her bleeding on the street from a violent beating. Didactic, confrontational, extremely graphic and occasionally downright hilarious, whatever you think of NYMPHOMANIAC -- art or just pornography -- you definitely won't forget it any time soon. Note: this is a PAL/Region 2 DVD, so you'll need one of those all-region players to watch it.

At long last, we got the VERONICA MARS (@ BLU SALE) movie! After kickstarting its way into existence, this movie, by the Marshmallows and for the Marshmallows, finally makes its way to our shelves. On the verge of starting a promising career at a prestigious law firm, our favorite detective gets pulled back to Neptune when her old boyfriend Logan is accused of a vicious murder. It's another great mystery, even if you haven't seen the show, and it's packed with all kinds of references and callbacks for the fans. 

As for the rest, don't forget to check out the following: some classic Hammer Horror with COUNTESS DRACULA (@ BLU SALE). Kurt Russell in the heist film ART OF THE STEAL (BLU). Five German friends are torn apart by WWII in GENERATON WAR (@ BLU SALE). Another Italian thriller, DEATH OCCURRED LAST NIGHT (@ BLU SALE), makes its way to disc courtesy of RaroVideo. And there's a new 40th Anniversary edition of Mel Brooks' legendary BLAZING SADDLES (@ BLU SALE). Make sure you scroll down this page to see a list of all the great new Warner Archive/Manufacture-on-Demand titles we got in!

Tons of great catalog blu-rays this week, too. A load of Hitchcock classics: THE BIRDS (@ BLU SALE), FAMILY PLOT (@ BLU SALE), FRENZY (@ BLU SALE), MARNIE (@ BLU SALE), REAR WINDOW (@ BLU SALE), TOPAZ (@ BLU SALE), TORN CURTAIN (@ BLU SALE) and VERTIGO (@ BLU SALE) all available individually if you weren't up for the big box set from last year. There's also the Toho Godzilla Collection, four double feature blus featuring the King of the Monsters: GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH / GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS (@ BLU SALE), GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH / GODZILLA AND MOTHRA (@ BLU SALE), GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA II / GODZILLA VS. SPACE GODZILLA (@ BLU SALE), and GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS / GODZILLA: FINAL WARS (@ BLU SALE). We've got 80s comedies BACHELOR PARTY (@ BLU SALE), REVENGE OF THE NERDS (@ BLU SALE) and, yes, WEEKEND AT BERNIES (@ BLU SALE). Eastwood's underrated adaptation of THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY (@ BLU SALE). And a couple of World War II films, THE BIG RED ONE (@ BLU SALE) and MEMPHIS BELLE (@ BLU SALE).

Finally, for the kids, there's more animated DC Comics action with SON OF BATMAN (@ BLU SALE), and Princess Bubblegum faces a particularly persistend admirer in ADVENTURE TIME: THE SUITOR (@ SALE).

Here's the full Rental List:

Ace in the Hole (Criterion Collection) @ BLU SALE

After-Dinner Mysteries (Region 3)

Art of the Steal BLU 

Astronaut: The Last Push

Black, Lewis: Old Yeller

Brownian Movement

Countess Dracula @ BLU SALE

Death Occurred Last Night @ BLU SALE

Free Fall (2013)

Generation War @ BLU SALE


King 2 Hearts (K-Drama, Region 3)

Lady Peacock

Last Time I Saw Macao

Lizzie Borden Took an Axe

Love Guide

My Fair Lady (2013)

Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barbershop

Nymphomaniac Vols. I & II (PAL / Region 2)

Prince Killian and the Holy Grail

Real Decameron

Scream Park

Sick Birds Die Easy

Simon and the Oaks

Son of Batman @ BLU SALE

Still Mine

Tentacle 8

To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter

Veronica Mars @ BLU SALE



Being Ginger

Burn (2012)

Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican

Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild

Guitar Artitstry of Doc Watson

Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America

Okazaki, Steven: Short Films By… Vol.1


Pride and Perseverance: Story of the Negro League

Remington, Frederic: The Truth of Other Days

Story of the Jews with Simon Schama

Super Skyscrapers

Take it to the Limit (30th Anniversary Special Ed.)

Van Gogh: In a Brilliant Light: Van Gogh in Arles

You are There…With Country Music Pioneers



Bill Elliott Detective Mysteries (1955)

Cars: Heartbeat City (1984)

Footlight Serenade (1942)

Irene (1940)

Lieutenant: Complete Series Parts 1 & 2 (1963)

Marry the Boss’s Daughter (1941)

Mayor of 44th St. / Radio Stars on Parade (1942)

Mother Wore Tights (1947)

Pleasure Seekers (1964)

Race Street (1948)

Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! (1948)

Sky Full of Moon (1952)

Slight Case of Larceny (1953)

That Other Woman (1942)

Wildcat Bus (1940)



Adventure Time: The Suitor @ SALE

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Seasons 1-3

Paw Patrol

Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Complete Series

Power Rangers Mystic Force: Complete Series

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Complete Series

Power Rangers RPM: Complete Series

Power Rangers S.P.D.: Complete Series

Shuriken School: The Ninja’s Secret



American Tale


Big Red One (2 Versions) @ BLU SALE

Bridges of Madison County @ BLU SALE

Godzilla Vs. Destroyah / Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus @ BLU SALE 

Godzilla Vs. King Ghidora / Godzilla and Mothra @ BLU SALE

Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II / Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla @ BLU SALE

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS / Godzilla: Final Wars @ BLU SALE

In a World…

Revenge of the Nerds @ BLU SALE

Rocky (1976)

Terminal (2004)



Beauty and the Beast (2012): Season 1

Big Valley: Season 2

Mayberry R.F.D.: Season 1

Republic of Doyle: Season 1


That about does it for this week's stack of new stuff! We'll be back next week with another haul. Until then, happy buying, renting, and browsing, and remember: Scarecrow Video can't survive without YOU.


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