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May in Our Screening Lounge!

Alright, it's time for another month of putting eyeballs on great movies. We've got a ton of great stuff lined up for our Screening Room in May, including tributes to SIFF's Midnight Adrenaline series and a whole run of Godzilla movies! Remember, all of our screenings are ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just remember to pick up some beer or snacks or other refreshments from VHSPresso! Right click on the image for a version you can save.


Special Series:

TRUE DETECTIVES (Thursdays: 5/1, 5/8 and 5/22)

We've picked a selection of our favorite sunbaked neo-noirs from the late 70s and early 80s for our short "True Detectives" program. First on 5/1 (that's tomorrow night!) it's Cutter's Way, with Jeff Bridges and John Heard, about a down-and-out Vietnam veteran who ropes his friend into investigating what he's convinced is a murder. 

Then on 5/8 we've got Night Moves, Arthur Penn's underappreciated gem starring Gene Hackman as an ex-football pro turned private detective who gets more than he bargained for when he signs on to a missing person case.

And finally on 5/22 it's Robert Altman's beloved Philip Marlowe update The Long Goodbye, starring Elliot Gould as Chandler's iconic sleuth. All of these shows start at 7pm.


SIFForty: Best of Midnights (Friday 5/9 - Wed 5/14)

For years, Scarecrow has been a proud sponsor of SIFF's Midnight Adrenaline series. This year, for the festival's 40th Anniversary, we're hosting a selection of some of their favorite Midnight screenings from years gone by. 

First up on Friday the 9th, it's Stuart Gordon's eternal classic Re-Animator. Saturday 5/10 brings Battle Royale, worth checking out for any fan of The Hunger Games.

Sunday 5/10 has cannibal comedy Parents at 6pm. Monday the 11th we're screening the Norwegian film Dead Snow, about a bunch of Zombie Nazis who awaken just in time to ruin a teenage ski holiday. Finally on Wednesday the 13th we've got Alex de la Iglesia's little-seen and hilarious Day of the Beast, about a priest, a metal-head and a TV show host who team up to stop the impending birth of the Antichrist. Unless otherwise noted, these shows start at 7pm if they're on a weekday, 8pm if they're on a Friday or Saturday.


The Dreaming's GODZILLAFEST (Thursday 5/15 - Sun 5/18)

Scarecrow's teaming up with local comic shop The Dreaming to bring you GODZILLAFEST, a four day celebration of the King of the Monsters in honor of the new film coming out this month. We'll be screening 6 Kaiju Classics, starting with the original Godzilla on Thursday the 15th. Friday 5/16 holds Destroy All Monsters.

On Saturday the 17th we've got three movies, Godzilla Vs. King Ghidora at 4pm, GMK: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidora: All Monsters Attack! at 6pm, and Godzilla: Final Wars at 8pm. Finally on Sunday the 18th there's Godzilla Vs. Biollante at 4pm and Godzilla Vs. Mothra at 6pm.



Our guest curator for Music Mondays in May is local DJ MudPieLuv, with a series he calls EDM: EXCELLENT DANCE MOVIES. He'll be hosting the incredibly rare documentary Maestro, about the origins of dance music culture worldwide, on Monday the 5th. On the 19th he's got Scratch, a documentary about turntableism. And finally on the 26th it's Human Traffic, about five best friends on a dance-filled holiday weekend. 

The best part about Music Mondays is that after the screenings on the 5th and the 26th, MudPieLuv will also be hosting a DJ demo! Make sure you stick around for that! All of these shows start at 7pm.


More Special Shows!

We've also got a few really eclectic selections coming to the Screening Room this month. First up on Saturday the 3rd at 1pm is something truly unique, the MURDERBIRD SHADOW PUPPET THEATER. They'll be putting on a shadow puppet show followed by a screening of Lotte Reiniger's 1926 Silhouette-animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed. That's sure to be a fascinating show.

On Saturday the 23rd at 8pm, we've got another meet-up of the Sci-Fi Commons Film Club! This month they're screening the classic original Tron!

Finally on Thursday the 29th, the Chris Marker group returns with some more selections from the famous experimental documentarian. This month it's the short film Letter from Siberia along with Valparaiso and CineTract 1968.

And Don't forget about Geeks Who Drink, every single Tuesday night at 7pm. Get here early to snag a spot, it fills up fast!

There are plenty of other cool films appearing in the Screening Room this month, so be sure to check out the full calendar. Hope to see you at some or ALL of these great movies!


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