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April In Our Screening Lounge!

Alright, it's time for another month of putting eyeballs on great movies. We've got a ton of great stuff lined up for our Screening Room in April, along with a few events and choices from some cool outside groups like SIFF and Sci-Fi Commons! Remember, all of our screenings are ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just remember to pick up some beer or snacks or other refreshments from VHSPresso! Click here for a bigger version you can save.


We're running horror and exploitation films every Saturday Night in April, selected by our stalwart floor manager Rich, who's calling this series Saturday Night Fright Hole! On the 5th, we're running THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. Based (sort of) on a true story, it's a bizarre mix of faux-documentary and slasher movie, and it features a death-by-trombone.

The 12th features Canadian zombie movie PONTYPOOL, although technically what's coming after the folks in this movie aren't zombies, they're victims of some kind of syndrome spread by spoken language. Then on the 19th, it's 1973's THE PSYCHOPATH, about a children's TV-show host who moonlights as a serial killer. Check out this bizarre, completely out of context clip.

For the final Saturday, we're hosting a special event for the release of the insane cult film KILLING AMERICAN STYLE, just out on DVD from Cinema Epoch. Directed by Amir Shervan, the madman who brought you SAMURAI COP, KILLING AMERICAN STYLE stars the great Robert Z'Dar as the leader of a gang of bank robbers who unwittingly invade the home of a kickboxing champion while on the run from the cops. This is a sleazy classic of so-bad-it's-good cinema, so bring a strong stomach!

All of the Saturday screenings start at 8pm and are 21+ only.



As usual, Sundays are reserved for classics and outside groups. The 6th brings Nicholas Ray's 1961 Biblical Epic KING OF KINGS at 2pm, and then at 5pm, the Cinema Dames of the Grand Illusion return for their monthly selection. This time it's the 1971 Jane Fonda/Donald Sutherland thriller KLUTE.

On the 13th at 2pm, it's musical classic EASTER PARADE. Then on the 20th (note: it's 4/20, ahem), we've appropriately got a double feature of the original REEFER MADNESS at 2pm, followed by the 1972 psych-out classic BLOOD FREAK, which starts out as some kind of biker movie and quickly turns into a rumination on the dangers of marijuana, vampirism and cannibalism. 

Finally on the 27th, it's another Best of SIFF selection, with THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT at 6pm.



More Music Mondays! All of this month's selections were chosen by our own Kevin "Vesuvius" Clarke, local comedian and troublemaker. His Music Mayhem series begins on the 7th, so get ready for "Weird Al" Yankovic's THE COMPLEAT AL. Here's a taste:

The 14th brings Cory McAbee's homegrown sci-fi musical THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT, which, if you haven't seen it, should go on the top of your list of things you should check out before you die.

The 21st offers enduring masterpiece THIS IS SPINAL TAP! And the final Music Mayhem film is on the 28th, with the greatest girl-band movie ever made, 1982's LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS, starring a very young Diane Lane, Laura Dern and, yes, Ray Winstone as a sleazy punk rocker. All Music Monday screenings start at 7pm.



As usual, Tuesdays are for Geeks Who Drink Trivia, which starts at 7pm every week. Get here early to grab a spot, it fills up quick!



We've got a killer lineup of Asian action films set for Wednesdays. The "Men on a Mission" series kicks off on the 2nd with one of the greatest action movies ever made, 1987's EASTERN CONDORS, which stars martial arts master Sammo Hung as the leader of a DIRTY DOZEN-style mission made up of Hong Kong criminals tasked with destroying a weapons cache leftover from the Vietnam War in exchange for their freedom.

The 9th brings you MERCENARIES FROM HONG KONG, with a bunch of badasses wearing identical tracksuits blowing up anything in their way.

On the 16th, it's Thai stunt team showcase BORN TO FIGHT, about a village of athletes whose trip to a big multi-sport event is delayed when terrorists take over the town and try to launch a nuclear missle from it. They'll have to band together and use their athletic skills to stop the bad guys. If you've never seen a Thai action movie before, get ready for some truly death-defying'll be amazed anyone made it out of this movie alive.

Finally on the 23rd, it's John Woo's first modern action movie, HEROES SHED NO TEARS, the story of a group of mercenaries hired to flush out a drug lord in Thailand's Golden Triangle. It's an absolutely relentless orgy of gunfire, grisly death scenes, and jokes about eating pieces of people's butts. All of the "Men on a Mission" screenings start at 7pm.

We gave the last Friday of April, the 28th, to a special event for the Chris Marker Group, who are gathering at 7:30pm to screen and discuss the opening of Marker's SANS SOLEIL, the short AGNES VARDA'S VISIT TO MARKER'S STUDIO, and 1971's THE TRAIN ROLLS ON.



First up on the 3rd, it's WIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READERS, an unauthorized, alternative soundtrack to the first Harry Potter film, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE by comic book writer and artist Brad Neely. Basically you get to watch the movie while Neely spins a hilarious alternate narration for it, changing all the names, adding crazy new plots, and doing all manner of weird voices. It's fantastic. Take a look at the first "Chapter".

The 10th brings a tribute to the greatest band on earth, GWAR! We'll be showing a selection of clips and videos; the full lineup has yet to be determined. RIP Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus.

Then on the 17th, it's a taste of South Korean animation with AACHI AND SSIPAK, set in a future dystopia in which all energy is derived from, you guessed it...poop!

Finally on the 24th, we're screening Tod Browning's classic FREAKS! All Thursday screenings begin at 7pm.



Last but not least, Fridays always bring something good to the Screening Room. First up on the 4th at 8pm, Marc Palm hosts another Something Weird night, this time with Herschell Gordon Lewis' amazing THE GORE GORE GIRLS.

The 11th brings a very special event, a chance to meet the cast and crew of locally-made horror film JUNK at 6pm, followed by a screening of the movie at 8! 

The 18th brings a screening of AMERICAN PSYCHO to coincide with screenwriter Guinivere Turner's appearance that weekend at SIFF, in case you can't make the screening there, and then on the 25th, the Sci-Fi Commons Movie Club returns. This month they're showing the eternal classic BLADE RUNNER! All Friday night shows start promptly at 8pm.

That about does it for April in our Screening Room and all the Events we have planned. Hopefully you'll make it out to one or two or even ALL of them. See you soon!


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