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March in Our Screening Room!

Alright, it's time for another month of putting eyeballs on great movies. We've got a ton of great stuff lined up for our Screening Room in March, along with a few events and choices from some cool outside groups like SIFF! It's also Women's History Month, so in addition to the usual goodness, we tried to focus on films about or by women. Remember, all of our screenings are FREE! Just remember to pick up some beer or snacks or other refreshments from VHSPresso! Click here for a bigger version you can save.


We're kicking things off this Saturday with a hosted screening of one of a fantastic, little-seen anime. Our own Kevin Clarke will be presenting MINDGAME, one of his favorites, at 8pm. It's the story of a kid who ends up journeying from Heaven to Hell and back, trying to track down a girl he has a crush on while avoiding the clutches of the Yakuza guys who may or may not have already killed him. It features some truly stunning and innovative animation, so don't miss it.

Then on the 15th we're running some more great animation with Sita Sings the Blues, an animated version of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw.

And finally on the 22nd, we've got an all-day run of VHS celebration! At 2pm we're running a vintage How-To video, Meet Your VCR, hosted by former "Good Morning America" anchor Joan Lunden. At 4 it's Michel Gondry's love letter to the video store Be Kind Rewind. 6pm brings a documentary celebrating all things VHS, Rewind This!, which features some behind the scenes footage from right here at Scarecrow. Then at 8 it's the grand finale with our homegrown reel of weirdness, culled from our own voluminous stacks, Viva VHS!



Sundays are reserved for classics and other oddities. This month, like we said before, we're trying to focus on films made by or about (or presented by) women. On the 2nd we start at 2pm with The Lost Garden: The Life and Cinema of Alice Guy-Blaché, a short documentary about a pioneering female filmmaker, responsible for one of the very first narrative films ever. She eventually directed over 1000 films in her 24 year career, many of which are lost. This is sure to be a fascinating viewing.

Then at 5pm The Cinema Dames of the Grand Illusion return with their monthly choice. This time it's Synecdoche, New York, in honor of the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The next week, on the 9th, we've got under-appreciated director Dorothy Arzner's The Bride Wore Red, from 1937 and starring Joan Crawford.

On the 16th at 2pm, we're showing Where Are My Children?, a rare 1916 film about illegal abortions, directed by an uncredited Lois Weber. After that at 6pm, we have a special presentation. Our VHSPresso barista Mari is also an amazing animator, and her production company Sanpomichi Films is bringing us STOP-MO-RAMA, a preview of their new stop-motion film followed by a screening of Mysterious Island which features work by the great Ray Harryhausen.

On Sunday the 22nd, we're changing things up with an all-day run of films made right here in Seattle. It starts at 12pm with Elvis Presley jam It Happened at the World's Fair, featuring the Space Needle, of course, and a very young Kurt Russell. At 2 it's John Wayne cop thriller McQ. 4pm brings Shakespeare updated for teens with 10 Things I Hate About You, followed by Sweet Revenge at 6, a drama about a car thief played by Stockard Channing.

And finall on Sunday the 30th, we've got two features from female filmmakers lined up. First at 2pm there's Ida Lupino's Hard, Fast, and Beautiful, a 1951 picture about a young tennis prodigy struggling to balance her sport with her personal life. Then at 6pm we have another Best of SIFF selection! Kathryn Bigelow became the only woman to win a Best Director Oscar her (Best Picture-winning) film The Hurt Locker. We're screening her very first feature, biker movie/art piece The Loveless, starring a very young Willem Dafoe! 



Time for another run of Music Mondays, and our theme for this month is Women On Punk. We're starting this series on 3/3 at 7pm with Susan Dynner's 2007 documentary Punk's Not Dead, a look at where this music genre has been and where it's headed in an era of mass commercialization. Monday the 10th is a special event: Larry Reid, who in January brought you the fantastic Big Black: Last Blast show, returns with some of his vintage and very rare Survival Research Laboratory shows filmed right here in town in 1986 and`1990. That show starts at 7pm and is sure to be packed and awesome.

Then on the 17th it's Penelope Spheeris' groundbreaking punk documentary The Decline of Western Civilization, Part 1, which is pretty hard to come by due to music rights issues and has never been released on DVD. The following week on the 24th it's Susan Seidelman's highly influential Smithereens, about a young woman aimlessly travelling through a waining New York punk scene in 1982. Then Spheeris is back on 3/31 for The Decline of Western Civilization, Part 2: The Metal Years. All of these shows start at 7pm.


TUESDAYS as usual are set aside for Geeks Who Drink Trivia, every week at 7pm. Get here early for a good seat, it fills up fast!



Wednesdays are for more women directors. First on 3/5 at 7pm we have Marlene Gorris' adaptation of Antonia's Line

But on the 12th at 7:30, we break the pattern a little for a special event. Local filmmaker Shaun Scott's new film, Pacific Aggression, is hosting a special screening for the press and public. The film is about addiction to social media, and the audience is encouraged to live-tweet the entire event. Shaun will be here to present the film. Should be quite the interesting viewing experience!

Back to lady filmmakers on 3/19 with Doris Dorrie's Nobody Loves Me about a death-obsessed young woman looking for love, and then on 3/26 it's Jane Campion's Bright Star, about the romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Gather those rosebuds, both shows are at 7pm.



Thursdays in March are going to be curated by our own Marc Palm, who's got some great esoterica lined up for you. On 3/6 he brings you a classic from the Something Weird Video archives, Doris Wishman's 1966 film My Brother's Wife, about a woman embarking on an affair with her brother-in-law. Then on 3/13 he's got animator Sally Cruikshank's Quasi at the Quackadero along with a series of other shorts. Thursday the 20th Marc gets a break so just for fun we're screening Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes as the famous autistic pioneer in the field of animal husbandry. Then Marc's back for Thursday the 27th with In the Mirror of Maya Deren. All of these shows start at 7pm.



Fridays in March are nothing short of amazing. First, starting on the 7th and continuing into the following day, we're doing an entire Troma Tribute weekend! We'll be showing Troma stuff all weekend long, and on Saturday the 8th, Lloyd Kaufman himself will be appearing in the store to sign stuff and hang out! Lloyd is a true friend to all of Troma's fans, so you don't want to miss out on that. He'll be here along with stars Asta Paredes and Clay von Carlowitz promoting Return to Nuke-Em High Vol. 1 on Friday March 7th from 6pm-8pm, giving you plenty of time to head on over to the Grand Illusion for a screening of the film at 9pm!

On the 14th, VHSPresso Barista Thom presents one of his favorite films, the 1956 samurai classic Sword of Doom.

The 21st is a huge day, with a ton of stuff planned. 

First, at 2pm, legendary film editor and longtime Martin Scorsese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker will be here! She's in town for a presentation of some classic Powell & Pressburger films at the Seattle Art Museum. We're selling tickets to her appearances there as well. Thelma is one of the nicest, coolest, and most brilliant ladies currently living, so do not miss this chance to meet her.

Then at 7pm, author Dan Butler will be signing his new book Videoland: Movie Culture at the American Video Store. It's got a whole chapter just about Scarecrow Video. Following the booksigning we'll be screening Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector, a great little documentary about the VHS collecting culture.

For the last Friday in March, we're welcoming back the Sci Fi Commons movie club. This month they're screening the underseen Sean Connery vehicle Outland. It's basically High Noon in outer space; Connery is the sheriff on a mining colony who has to take on drug dealers trying to take over the place.


That about does it for March in our Screening Room and all the Events we have planned. Hopefully you'll make it out to one or two or even ALL of them. See you soon!


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