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Cinema Happenings for the week of January 24

Here's what's going on in the vicinity of Seattle's cinematic epicenter

Helloooo Everybody!

We trust that you can figure out those major releases out there and catch up on your Oscar catch-up but, as usual, there’s a bunch of limited screenings going on around town including some very cool film festivals and more, baby, more! Click on film titles for previews and additional information. Now, let’s get started with…US!

SCARECROW VIDEO SCREENING ROOM- As usual we've got loads of fun going on in our screening room. Admission is free (but you have to be 21 or over after 3pm) and we sell snacks, beer, coffee, tea and popcorn to accommodate your viewing needs.  

Weekends in January we’re running a film series we like to call RED HOT REDNECKS!

FRIDAY 8pm – Poor Pretty Eddie

SATURDAY 8pm – Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

SUNDAY  7pm Customer selection from The Story of Film


TUESDAY 7pm GeeksWhoDrinkTrivia!  

Wednesdays in January we’re BENDING TIME!

WEDNESDAY 7pm Summer Time Machine Blues

THURSDAY 7pm The Story of Film: Episode 9 & 10


After a week off Trader Joe’s Silent Movie Mondays continues Monday at 7pm at The Paramount Theater. Continuing through February 10th its one great silent film after another for. All of the pictures will be accompanied by Jim Riggs on the Wurlitzer Organ. This week’s film is Pandora’s Box starring the one and only Louise Brooks in what is, perhaps, her signature role. The screening if followed by a discussion lead by SIFF director of programming Beth Barrett.


THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM’S Thursday night film series called The Golden Age of Italian Cinema continues with Fellini’s I Vitelloni. We hope you bought a season pass (which is available here at SCARECROW VIDEO) but tickets are also buyable at the box-office.


Down the street at THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA is a documentary about crows and Tokyo. The film is called Tokyo Waka and one of the film’s directors will be there Saturday night for the 7pm show. Also at the cinema is a unique starring role for stuntwoman extraordinaire Zoe Bell in Raze. Showtimes are complicated so click on the cinema’s link for accurate details.  


NORTHWEST FILM FORUM Is hosting their outstanding annual Children Film Festival. Holy smokes, there is so much going on you must simply click on the link for details on the numerous films and events.


SIFF CINEMA UPTOWN First off the annual Women in Cinema festival continues with lots of films plus special guests and more. Click on the link to find out more information. Once again, there is just too darn much going on for us to re-convey. Click on the link, friend, and you’ll learn more. Also showing is The Best Offer and some encore screenings of Knights of Badassdom. There’s also one of those quote along deals with Monty Python & The Holy Grail and encore screenings of Danny Boyle’s staged version of Frankenstein.  


As usual Seattle offers an abundance of cinematic delights. Honestly there’s more going on than I have time to share with you, so hopefully you'll have time to visit a cinema or two and be sure to stock up at Scarecrow Video to enhance this week’s viewing pleasures.

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