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Cinema Happenings for the week of January 17

Here's what's going on in the vicinity of Seattle's cinematic epicenter

Greetings Film Fanatics!

There are some new big budget films hitting the screens this weekend and we trust you can figure out where to see the Jack Ryan reboot but here's an overview of some lower profile things happening this week, movie-wise, around town. Click on film titles for previews and additional information. Now, let’s get started with…US!

SCARECROW VIDEO SCREENING ROOM- As usual we've got loads of fun going on in our screening room. Admission is free (but you have to be 21 or over after 3pm) and we sell snacks, beer, coffee, tea and popcorn to accommodate your viewing needs.  

Weekends in January we’re running a film series we like to call RED HOT REDNECKS!

FRIDAY 8pm – Rituals

SATURDAY Noon – 5pm Sherlock Day! – Back to back Sherlock! 8pm – Two Thousand Maniacs!

SUNDAY  2pm Customer selection from The Story of Film  8pm VHSpresso presents Departures

MONDAY  7pm IRON LUNG PICKS Big Black – Last Blast (Live in Seattle)

TUESDAY 7pm GeeksWhoDrinkTrivia!  

Wednesdays in January we’re BENDING TIME!

WEDNESDAY 7pm Twice Upon A Yesterday

THURSDAY 7pm The Story of Film: Episode 7 & 8

THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM’S has a new film series called The Golden Age of Italian Cinema. It continues Thursday night with Vittorio De Sica’s classic Umberto D. It’s only the second film in the series so consider a series pass, you can buy them right here at SCARECROW VIDEO!

NORTHWEST FILM FORUM Our pals on Capitol Hill are presenting the Seattle premiere of Clio Barnad’s latest film, The Selfish Giant. Saturday night is a single screening of the documentary Fire in the Blood. The 7pm will be followed by a discussion. Then on Thursday night is Do The Doktor Doolittle, a screening of silent era animated shorts with live accompaniment! Click on the link for further details.

Down the street at THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA is the latest film by Takeshi Kitano, Beyond Outrage. It’s a sequel to 2011’s enjoyable Outrage (which is available for rent at Scarecrow). The Punk Singer gets a return engagement Friday & Saturday at 10pm, the Sprocket Society continues another super-fun series of retro matinee programs on Saturday afternoons. Series passes (and individual tickets) are available. Thursday night at only, the 20/20 awards present Searching For Bobby Fischer.

Showing exclusively at Sundance Cinemas is the Oscar nominated documentary The Square which if from the director of Scarecrow favorite Control Room.

SIFF CINEMA UPTOWN Has several things going on so click on the links. A couple of highlights include on of their Doc Brunches on Sunday. This time around it’s Eating Alabama at 1pm. There will be free burritos! Over at the Film Center in The Seattle Center is the Nordic Lights Film Festival. There’s too many films showing to list here. Click on the link for details. Wednesday night SIFF’s annual Women in Cinema festival begins. Lots of good stuff is happening. Click on the link for details.

As usual Seattle offers an abundance of cinematic delights so hopefully you'll have time to visit a cinema or two and be sure to stock up at Scarecrow Video to enhance this week’s viewing pleasures.

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