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Cinema Happenings for the week of January 10th!

Here's what's going on in the vicinity of Seattle's cinematic epicenter

Greetings Film Fanatics! Here's an overview of what's happening this week, movie-wise, around town. Click on film titles for previews and additional information. Now, let’s get started with…US!

SCARECROW VIDEO SCREENING ROOM- As usual we've got loads of fun going on in our screening room. Admission is free (but you have to be 21 or over after 3pm) and we sell snacks, beer, coffee, tea and popcorn to accommodate your viewing needs.  

Weekends in January we’re running a film series we like to call RED HOT REDNECKS!

FRIDAY 8pm – Dixie Dynamite

SATURDAY 8pm – The Devil’s Rejects

SUNDAY  2pm Customer selection from The Story of Film

                8pm Aping the Page Book Club presents Nightmare Alley

MONDAY  7pm IRON LUNG PICKS Northwest Passage

TUESDAY 7pm GeeksWhoDrinkTrivia!  

Wednesdays in January we’re BENDING TIME!

WEDNESDAY 7pm Returner

THURSDAY 7pm The Story of Film: Episode 5 & 6

THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM’S starts a new film series called The Golden Age of Italian Cinema. It starts Thursday night with Vittorio De Sica’s classic The Bicycle Thief. You can buy series tickets right here at SCARECROW VIDEO!

Another exciting film series starts this Monday night at 7pm at The Paramount Theater. Every Monday night through February 10th its one great silent film after another for Trader Joe’s Silent Movie Mondays. All of the pictures will be accompanied by Jim Riggs on the Wurlitzer Organ. This week’s film is Sunrise!

NORTHWEST FILM FORUM Our pals on Capitol Hill have a couple of cool exclusives opening on Friday for week long runs. First off is Alexander Sokurov’s latest Faust. Also showing is Jon Moritsugu’s first film in a decade, Pig Death Machine, which proves our pal Jon is as weird and provocative as ever!

SIFF CINEMA UPTOWN It’s been a while since John Sayles had a new movie and, guess what, his latest film is screening for one week only. Check out Go For Sisters at the Lower Queen Anne venue. Also SIFF related is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival. It’s an annual event that shows at the Cinerama. Tickets are sold out for the initial screenings but you can still buy them for the encore show on Sunday that shows at the Uptown.

Down the street at THE GRAND ILLUSION CINEMA is the final installment in the Evangelion series. Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo plays through Thursday. Most nights it is the English dubbed version but the original Japanese version screens on Monday. Click on the cinema link for details. Also at the GI is a new 70s style horror film called Here Comes the Devil that plays as part of the cinema’s late night programming. Finally, the Sprocket Society begins another super-fun series of retro matinee programs on Saturday afternoons. Series passes are available.

As usual Seattle offers an abundance of cinematic delights so hopefully you'll have time to visit a cinema or two and be sure to stock up at Scarecrow Video to enhance this week’s viewing pleasures.

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