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January in our Screening Room!!

Happy New Year everybody!! Now that the holiday is over, it's time for us to get back to the business of putting eyeballs on cool movies. That's what our Screening Room is all about, and we've got a great lineup of stuff ready for this month, focused on a handful of themes so you can get your fill!

Remember, all of our screenings are Absolutely FREE! Just remember to pick up some tasty refreshments from VHSPresso!

Mondays, starting January 6th, we've got a selection of music documentaries focusing on local musicians, curated by the local band IRON LUNG! On 1/6 it's THE GITS, the story of the influential underground Seattle band whose run was tragically cut short. 1/13 offers NORTHWEST PASSAGE, about Portland's DIY music culture. 1/20 has BIG BLACK: LAST BLAST, featuring the group's farewell show at the Georgetown Steamplant. Lastly, 1/27 promises SPOKANARCHY, about the punk rock scene over in Spookytown. All these shows start at 7pm.

Tuesdays as usual will be taken up with Geeks Who Drink Trivia! Nothing goes better with a tasty beer than a bunch of trivia questions!

Wednesdays at 7pm are gonna be all about Time-Travel movies with our BENDING TIME series. On 1/8, in TIME AFTER TIME, Jack the Ripper steals H.G. Wells' time machine (you didn't know he really had one?) and escapes into the future. Wells tracks him down to modern day (1979) San Francisco where the serial killer has taken up his terrifying trade!

On 1/15 we've got Japanese Sci-Fi craziness with RETURNER, in which a teenage girl from the future travels to our present and recruits a hitman to help her stop an impending invasion by transforming robots! 1/22 goes a bit more low-key with TWICE UPON A YESTERDAY, about a man who tries to turn back the clock to before his ladyfriend dumped him. Then it's back to Japan on 1/29 for SUMMER TIME MACHINE BLUES, in which a clutch of nerds use a time machine to go back a day and retrieve the air-conditioner remote control they accidentally spilled Coke on. Seems like a good enough reason to muck up the space/time continuum.

Starting tomorrow, January 2nd, Thursdays all month long are going to be devoted to THE STORY OF FILM, a massive, multi-part documentary about the history of cinema by scholar Mark Cousins. It tries mightily to cover the last hundred years of filmmaking, while displaying a particular focus on foreign cinema and movies from countries that are often forgotten or ignored by western critics and cinephiles. Cousins narrates the entire series, which is loaded with clips and interviews, and his distinctive Scottish brogue lends the show a strange charm. We're hoping you'll catch some episodes and find within them some titles in our stacks that you may have never heard of or always been curious about. 

We'll also be asking folks who come to THE STORY OF FILM to vote on a selection from the episode to be shown the following Sunday afternoon, so if you see something during an episode that you want to catch on our big screen, we can hook you up! Here's a peek at the series to whet your appetites.

Then, this weekend begins our month-long RED HOT REDNECKS series, a stack of films featuring cinema's favorite country folk. All the shows start at 8pm. Fridays will be devoted to action and thrillers, while Saturdays will be for horror films. Here's the lineup for Fridays: 1/3 brings you IN HOT PURSUIT, although we prefer its original title POLK COUNTY POT PLANE! This is based on a true story about some good old boys that smoothed out a makeshift runway on top of a Georgia mountain and landed a drug plane on it! This low budget wonder has to be seen to be believed.

Then on 1/10 there's DIXIE DYNAMITE, about a couple of gals who decide to get even with the corrupt politicians and cops that killed their daddy by robbing all the local banks with the help of their dirt-bike drivin' pal, played by the great Warren Oates! 1/17 has RITUALS, a DELIVERANCE knockoff starring Hal Holbrook, about a bunch of city folk out for a camping weekend that goes horribly awry. And we saved the best for last with POOR PRETTY EDDIE on 1/24, a total sleazefest about a singer who takes a trip out to the country to de-stress, only to find herself kidnapped by hill-folk with marriage on their minds! This one is extremely violent and not for the squeamish, but if you're up for it you'll see why it's one of the most famous movies of its kind. 

The Saturday horror lineup is as follows: This week on 1/4 we're showing WRONG TURN, a modern spin on the classic cannibal hillbilly picture. Then on 1/11 it's Rob Zombie's classic THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, which follows the adventures of the most twisted clan of killer rednecks around and the efforts of an equally nasty sheriff to bring them down. 1/18 offers up Herschell Gordon Lewis' original masterpiece TWO THOUSAND MANIACS! It's about a group of Yankees lured to a tiny southern town where they're to be executed as revenge for the town's destruction during the Civil War. 

Finally we lighten the mood a little bit on 1/25 with the hilarious TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, which is basically a redneck horror movie told from the POV of the rednecks, who turn out to be really nice guys just trying to fix up their cabin.

A few more things are on deck for Sunday afternoons. This Sunday at 2pm we'll have the selection from this week's STORY OF FILM episode, and then at 5pm the Cinema Dames of the Grand Illusion are holding a special screening of one of their favorites, TEETH, about a young girl who mysteriously develops some choppers in a VERY unusual place. Check out the trailer for a hint.

Then on 1/12 at 7pm we'll host the Aping the Page Bookclub and their selection of NIGHTMARE ALLEY, with Tyrone Power in a story of the noir-ish schemings of a group of hustling carnies!

And on 1/19 at 6pm VHSPresso's own Mari picked 2008's Foreign Film Oscar Winner DEPARTURES, about a newly unemployed cellist who takes a position preparing the dead for their funerals.

Oh and one last thing. On Saturday 1/18, from Noon to 5pm, we're celebrating the return of the BBC's amazing SHERLOCK. The third season premieres the following day, on Sunday the 19th, but on SHERLOCK DAY we'll be showing some old episodes and maybe giving away a few prizes. Come prepare for the return of the world's greatest detective! You can get started by checking out this mini-episode:

Do yourself a favor and check out a show at Scarecrow Video this month! We'll see you soon!!

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