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New Releases for November 13

Lots of New Releases on deck this week so let's get started.


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Our favorite release this week is definitely Noah Baumbach's latest film FRANCES HA. Greta Gerwig is the titular Frances, a struggling dancer bouncing from apartment to apartment and job to job in New York. She's one of those characters you relate to for all the ways she reminds you of your own shortcomings, which at times makes this a bit of a cringe-inducing comedy, but it also owes a big debt to the classic Woody Allen comedies of the late 70s, especially MANHATTAN.



One of our favorite directors, David Gordon Green (GEORGE WASHINGTON, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) is back after a stint making cheap comedies with something a little closer to his more well-regarded indie dramas. Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch star as a couple of guys painting the yellow dividing line on a freshly paved road winding through a forest recently burned in a wildfire. It's a remake of an Icelandic film called EITHER WAY, and its low-key charms are pretty hard to resist.



Long thought to be lost, these two features from cult horror filmmaker Chester Turner (also believed to be lost -- or rather, dead -- until recently) have finally resurfaced and made it to DVD. Shot on home video, these are surely a couple of the weirdest and most personal works of ultra low budget horror you're ever likely to see. Our original VHS rental copy of QUADEAD is an incredibly rare collectors' item, so make sure you have a look at this double feature right away. Here's a little trailer we made when we played it a few months ago in our Screening Room.


We got a ton of other great stuff in this week as well. In addition to FRANCES HA, Criterion has also released Chaplin's classic CITY LIGHTS (@ BLU SALE). AKIRA (@ BLU SALE), one of the greatest examples of Japanese Animation ever, is finally back in print for its 25th Anniversary. Peter Weir's intense FEARLESS (@ BLU SALE), starring Jeff Bridges as an air crash survivor, makes its way to Blu-ray at last. John Carpenter's scary anthology BODY BAGS (@ BLU SALE) pops up, just missing the Halloween season. There's also the festival hit I DECLARE WAR, about a group of kids and their imaginary wargames. Another entry in the continuing saga of Bruce Lee's trainer, IP MAN: FINAL FIGHT (@ BLU SALE) comes in from Hong Kong. This past summer's Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL (@ BLU 3D SALE) lands, and for the kids there's Dreamworks' latest animated film TURBO (3D BLU), about a snail who wants to be a Formula One racer. And oh yeah, we got DEXTER: THE FINAL SEASON (@ BLU SALE)!

Don't forget the controversial Sea World expose BLACKFISH (@ BLU SALE), which highlights the dangerous circumstances of killer whales in captivity and the tricky issues surrounding their care. Here's a trailer:


The rest of the list:

American Ghost Story (2013)

Attack, The

Barbara (2012, Germany) @ BLU SALE

Bay of Blood

Boys in Brown

Buffalo Girls (2013)

Bulletproof / Bamboo Gods & Iron Men...

Citizen (2012)

Coachella Independent Film Festival

Contractor (2013)

Dealin' With Idiots

Devil Bat

Friday the Thirteenth (1933)

Good Companions


High Bright Sun

Horny Diver: Tight Shellfish

I Do

John Falk Trilogy

Man From Toronto

NYC Underground

Scavengers (2012)

Schoolgirl Report V. 11

Shanghai Calling

Shoot the Sun Down (Director's Cut) @ BLU SALE

Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven

Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts

Tank Girl

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn

What Remains (PAL/Region 2)

Wish You Were Here

And don't forget SEATTLE SUPERSTORM!! 




Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Angkor for Sale? Art Theft in Cambodia

Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Buried Secrets

Callas, Maria: Living and Dying for Art and Love

Dark Girls

Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs can Kill...

Fonteyn, Margaret: A Portrait

Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob

Greenwich Village: The Music that Defined a Generation

Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998 (5 disc set)

In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

In the Footsteps of Van Gogh

Lee, Bruce: A Warrior's Journey / In Pursuit of the Dragon

Mandela, Nelson: Accused #1

Manhunt: Inside Story of the Hunt for Bin Laden

Marvel Then and Now: A Night with Stan Lee

Missions that Changed the War: Germany's Last Ace

Morrissey 25 Live

Nureyev: A Portrait

Red Reign

Rising from Ashes

Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World

Vegas: The City the Mob Made

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan




All the President's Men (2-Disc Special Edition) @ BLU SALE

Doll Squad / Mission Killfast

Fearless @ BLU SALE

Fury (1978)

Hendrix, Jimi: Hear My Train A-Comin'  @ BLU SALE

Living Temples

Ocean Predators

Polar Bears 3D



Air Hostess (1933)

Backlash (1946)

Brave Warrior (1952)

Circumstantial Evidence (1945)

Half-Naked Truth (1932)

Nuisance (1933)

Teenage Crime Wave (1955)

Turn Back the Clock (1933)



Dear Dumb Diary

Gargoyles: Season 2 Vol. 2

Goof Troop: Volumes 1 & 2

Madeline: Bonjour, Madeline - The Original Specials

Madeline: Adventures in Paris

Merry Christmas, Splat...and More Winter Stories

Talespin: Vol. 3

Turbo 3D BLU



Antigone 34: The Complete Series

Ancient Alience: Season 5 Vol. 1

Army Wives: Season 7

Burning Love: Season 1

Dexter: The Final Season @ BLU SALE

Last Tango in Halifax @ SALE

Mad TV: Season 4

Mike and Molly: Season 3

Paradise: Season 1

Red vs. Blue: Season 11

Silk: Series 1

Spiral: Season 2

Two and a Half Men: Season 10


That about does it for this week! Happy Renting! (and Buying and Browsing!) Remember, Scarecrow can't survive without YOU!


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