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Our Holiday Criterion Collection Sale IS UNDERWAY!!

Holiday gift-giving season is approaching, and in addition to all the awesome (new and used) movies we have for sale every day, we're officially kicking off our annual sale of Criterion Collection titles. From today until December 31, 2013, Every Single New Criterion title we have in stock is $3 off, both in the store and here on our website. Even killer box sets like the recent Blu-ray release of their John Cassavetes collection. What's more, every new title you purchase (even if it's not a Criterion) will net you a free rental credit (if you have a rental account with us) to be used whenever you want -- they never expire. So think of that as an additional $4.50 off. So stop in to the biggest video store on Earth and pick up a couple of the best films ever made from the greatest DVD label in the world! Click here or on the image below to get started! Happy Holidays from Scarecrow Video!! 

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