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New Releases for November 6

Lots of New Releases on deck this week, including a bunch of catalog Blu-rays. Let's get this show on the road.


BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

SALE Click this link to purchase select titles from our online store



One of the greatest suspense filmmakers of all time, Brian De Palma, returns to form with this latest effort, a mystery thriller starring Rachel McAdams and original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Noomi Rapace as competitors in the cutthroat world of advertising. All of the De Palma tropes are here, dream sequences, split screen, long tracking shots and gruesome murders! One of his best.



CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and SEINFELD creator Larry David is back with this made-for-HBO revenge comedy. After making a fool of himself and losing a fortune to his boss (MAD MEN's Jon Hamm), David embarks on a complicated plan to steal his rival's money and his wife (Kate Hudson). A host of other comic actors like Bill Hader and Michael Keaton (especially hilarious) show up in supporting roles. It's kind of an extra-long episode of CURB but that couldn't possibly be a bad thing!



Part One of Peter Jackson's return to Middle Earth (in prequel form!) is out now in an even longer Director's Cut! Stretching this single novel out to three films would seem to preclude leaving anything on the cutting room floor, but here we are!


So much more great stuff just arrived as well, like the most recent season of MAD MEN (@ BLU SALE). We've got a double feature of original Cinerama films, HOLIDAY) (@ BLU SALE) and SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE (@ BLU SALE). Historical dramas PARKLAND (BLU), about the JFK assassination, and LOVELACE (BLU) (featuring Amanda Seyfried as DEEP THROAT star Linda Lovelace). D.W. Griffith's epic silent masterpiece INTOLERANCE (@ BLU SALE) is just out in a fantastic new restoration. There's the documentary DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: THE MYSTERIES AND MENTORS OF RICKY JAY (@ SALE)about the famous prestidigitator, and you couldn't possibly forget this past summer's action extravaganza WHITE HOUSE DOWN (BLU), in which Roland Emmerich returns to the scene of his most famous crime against landmarks in INDEPENDENCE DAY.

There's also the JAMES DEAN ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION (@ BLU SALE), featuring all three of Dean's feature films (GIANT, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and EAST OF EDEN), all three of which are also available individually (click the titles).

We're also really excited about indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski's newest film COMPUTER CHESS. A comedy of sorts about the strange and possibly metaphysical goings on at an early 80's programming convention, this film is a somewhat experimental look at what happens when technology outstrips its creators' abilities. It was even shot on vintage video cameras, giving it a strange but eerily-accurate period look. Check out the trailer:


The rest of the list:

Absence (BLU)

Ambush at Cimarron Pass (BLU)

As I Lay Dying

Barabbas (2012)

Blood of Redemption (BLU)

Blue Hour (1971) / One Naked Night / Three in a Towel

Candidate (1964) / Johnny Gunman

Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust

Evidence (2013)

Fitzgerald Family Christmas

Flat Top (BLU)

Game Show Models / Seventh Dwarf

Girl Most Likely (@ BLU SALE)

Grown Ups 2

Hart, Kevin: Let me Explain (BLU)

Hunted (1952)

Lady Vanishes (2012)

Nightmares Come at Night

Pilgrim Song / Passenger Pigeons

Strong Language


Truth Game

Virgin Among the Living Dead



Lots of catalog Blus hitting our shelves this week, including, at long last, THE RIGHT STUFF! (@ BLU SALE) Here's the rest:

Atomic City

Best Years of Our Lives (SALE)

Blood (2012)

Bob and the Monster

Drawing Flies

Empire State

Escape from Zahrain

Fright Night 2: New Blood

Frontline: The Interrupters

Kings of Summer

Only the Valiant


Playing for Time

Reluctant Fundamentalist 


Shadow Dancer

Snake Eyes (SALE)

Space Junk 3D

Stranded (2013)

Talented Mr. Ripley

Three Faces of Eve (SALE)



Coptic Egypt: 2000 Years of Christianity

Dinosaurs: The History of Dinosaurs in Hollywood

Electoral Dysfunction

Going Underground: Paul McCartney, The Beatles...

Greatest Ears in Town: The Arif Mardin Story

Green Wave

Hava Nagila (The Movie)

Malouf, David: An Imaginary Life

Neruda, Pablo: The Life of Chile's Greatest Poet

No Place on Earth (BLU only)

Oil City Confidential: The Story of Dr. Feelgood

Pearl Jam: Long Strange Road

Song of the South: Duane Allman

Springsteen & I

Tupac: Conspiracy / Aftermath

Victorian Nude: Empire of the Nude

Welcome to the Machine



This week there's a handful of triple features! We split these up from a 12-movie Bowery Boys set, so you can rent three at a time!

Angels' Alley / Jinx Money / Angels in Disguise

Dig That Uranium! / Hot Shots / Crashing Las Vegas

Feudin' Fools / Jalopy / Paris Playboys

Spook Chasers / Looking for Danger / Up in Smoke



AAAHH!!! Real Monsters! (Season 4)

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess

Return to Neverland (BLU only)

Standing Up (BLU)

Ted: The Lost Explorer (3D BLU)

Tarka The Otter

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway (BLU)

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters - Predacons Rising



CH:OS:EN (Season 1)

Mad Men: Season 6 (@ BLU SALE)

Magic City: Season 2

Sinbad: Season 1

Tales of the City (20th Anniversary)

Under the Dome (BLU)



200 Pounds Beauty (2006, Korea)

Augustine (2012, France, BLU only)

Club Le Monde (2002, UK)

Company Man (2012, Korea)

Happy Life (2008, Korea)

Raanjhanaa (2013, India)

Renoir (2012, France)

Touch (2012, Korea)

Yatterman (2008, Japan)


That about does it for this week! Happy Renting! (and Buying and Browsing!) Remember, Scarecrow can't survive without YOU!

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