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Cinema Stuff for the Weekend of October 11th

You guys, Seattle is bursting with movies this week. We'd be remiss, however, if we didn't start our roundup of your cinema opportunities right here in our own screening room


First up, on Friday the 11th at 8pm (hey, that's tonight!), Matt presents what he calls "an unparalleled excursion into Hong Kong Horror", 1992's THE CAT. It follows a famous paranormal investigator as he clashes with a nasty space monster, the aliens (in the guise of some weirdo neighbors) who have come to stop it, and their leader, a superpowered black cat named General. Very little can prepare you for the weirdness at hand here, and if you've been to some of our other popular screenings, you know we don't make false claims for this sort of stuff.


Then on Saturday, also at 8pm, Rich brings you BLOOD MASSACRE (hit that link for the trailer), a nasty little cheapie from Z-movie king Don Dohler, about Rizzo, Vietnam vet and general scumbag. After he and his gang of unlikeables knock over a video store (!); the subsequent getaway sours and our lowlifes take the wrong family hostage. This movie has both MacGyver-esque weapons building and honest-to-God hematolagnia (blood-fetish for you noobs). Dohler is not playing around. Did we mention its only 73 minutes? 


Monday night at 7pm, Kirsten will be screening the 1990 Bollywood vampire movie BANDH DARWAZA (trailer here). We could try to sum up its plot here for you or we could let Kirsten's one-sentence description speak for itself. "Behold Neola! A forgotten, poorly-endowed freaky vampire dude -- a vampire dude still so majorly horny he must scheme his way into ladies' pants with the help of other evil-doers."


You either want to see that or you don't.

Admission for all of these fine films is free, but you should definitely pick up some beer and snacks from VHSpresso.




While this weekend sees the final couple of days of THE SEATTLE SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL and THE SEATTLE LATINO FILM FESTIVAL, it also brings the openings of THE SEATTLE POLISH FILM FESTIVAL, THE SEATTLE SOCIAL JUSTICE FILM FESTIVAL, and at long last the 18th SEATTLE GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL. That's literally dozens of great films, many of which you will never have the chance to catch ever again, screening at a handful of venues all over the region and the city. Click any of those links to take you to schedules, ticketing info and lists of theaters.




SIFF Cinema continues showing Alfonso Cuaron's space survival adventure GRAVITY (make sure you catch it in's even cooler on the massive Cinerama screen, where it'll play through the 20th.) as well as debuting the new Tom Hanks true-life hostage drama CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Their Samurai Cinema series also continues with Masaki Kobayashi's underseen 1967 film SAMURAI REBELLION.


Meanwhile our neighbors over at the Grand Illusion Cinema have a great week planned. First there's their annual fundraiser this Sunday, October 13 at 8pm, featuring a screening of the legendary SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, followed by a raffle and a silent auction. Buy tickets here.


On Monday the 14th at 7:30pm you're in for another rare 35mm screening, this time of cult classic KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, with special guest Robert K. Elder, who will be here at Scarecrow at 6pm signing his new book "The Best Film You've Never Seen".


On Tuesday at 8pm, the 20/20 Awards present Guillermo del Toro's gothic vampire fairytale CRONOS, and then on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm a rare 35mm print of Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci's masterpiece THE BEYOND will play. You definitely don't want to miss that one.

Till next week, Happy Viewing!!


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