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Video Store Day is Saturday, October 19!

Save the date! The third annual International Independent Video Store Day is Saturday, October 19. It's a day to celebrate local, independent, brick-and-mortar, far-bigger than-a-vending machine neighborhood video stores and the unique selection and experience they have to offer.

Of course for us and our colleagues at similar stores around our city and the country, everyday is Video Store Day.  Every day is a chance to browse and find a gem amongst the stacks. Every day you could spend 20 mintues talking to a customer about the Best Picture Oscar nominees of 1967 or debating which season of The West Wing is best (obviously, it's Season 2). Every day is an opportunity to find the next movie or TV show or documentary or random title that will change your life. We connect people with film every day of the week without streaming window expiration dates, annoying buffering, or two giant corporations deciding what you get to watch.

If this recent article in Seattle Weekly made you say, "I can't imagine Seattle/a world without Scarecrow!", we invite you to come in on the 19th or any day of the week and rediscover what we have to offer.

Here are a few of our Video Store Day happenings. We'll be adding more to the list between now and then, so check back for updates.


  • 50% OFF used movies for sale--Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS & Laserdiscs--on Saturday and Sunday *
  • $3 OFF new Blu-rays & DVDs for sale. **
  • 10 rentals for $35 (a $10 savings!) ***
  • Grumpy Hour specials all day long at VHSpresso ****

Now is a good opportunity to visit our newly expanded sales area:



We've teamed up with several great home video labels to get an eclectic variety of Blu-rays & DVDs & other neat items you may get just for walking through the door. Get here early--these giveaways are only while supplies last.


We're honored to have local filmmakers extraordinaire Megan Griffiths and Lacey Leavitt curate a selection of films from the action-packed awesomeness of the VHS-era. Here are a few of their picks:

At 8pm, join us in the Scarecrow Screening room (or should we say the Scarecrow SCREAMING room) for The VCR That Dripped Blood, a now-famous compilation of horror clips from our vast VHS collection. It played at last year at Grand Ilusion Cinema and recently the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin. From the official description:

"Get ready for a psychotronic nightmare from deep within the VHS tombs of Scarecrow Video. An orgy of rare video so mind-meltingly shocking you may not survive with both eyeballs! Featuring a puke-worthy freak out of spookiness, bad special effects, nudity, gross-outs and Alice Cooper."

The screening is FREE and 21 & over with BEER and other refreshements available from VHSpresso.

In closing, we'd like to share this quote from David Schmader's article on cinematographer Benjamin Kasulke (whose work we've praised in various Scarecrow on Seattle reviews) after The Stranger awarded Mr. Kasulke their Genius Award for Film:

"It is not an easy time to be an actual video store, but Seattle is home to a number of great ones, and it's sometimes easy to forget how good we've got it. But visit a video store in any other town, mention you're from Seattle, and you'll be tackled by someone jealous of you for living in a city with Scarecrow Video in it. Seriously—an hour spent strolling through Scarecrow is as rewarding as an hour spent in any museum or gallery, and I encourage us all to take advantage of it while we can."


Thank you so much, Mr. Schmader, and much thanks to all of you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you here on Video Store Day--and any other day.

Here's this year's poster by our colleague Marc Palm:


*Used sale not valid with any other offers.

**All sales are not valid with any other offers. Good for $3 off new Blu-rays & DVDs for sale priced at $20 or more, excludes sale and closeout items.

***Save $10 when you pre-pay for 10 rentals. The rentals (or punches as we call them) stay on your account to use as you go; they don't expire.

****Get any size drip coffee for just $1.50 and a free extra shot with any espresso drink.


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