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BEST SELLERS: August 14, 2013

The world's greatest video store's best selling new discs for the past month.

All items available in our store and also available online (click for details).  If you have any questions regarding purchasing a film or an existing order, please contact the store at or call (206) 524-8554 between 11am-10pm Pacific time.

  1. The Fog BluRay
  2. The Incredible Melting Man BluRay
  3. The Devil's Backbone BluRay
  4. A Boy and His Dog BluRay Combo
  5. Seconds BluRay
  6. Black Sabbath BluRay
  7. Swamp Thing BluRay Combo
  8. Django Collection: Volume 2
  9. Niagara BluRay
  10. Life of Oharu BluRay
  11. Superjail!: Season 3
  12. Shane BluRay
  13. Django Collection: Volume 1
  14. The Last Unicorn
  15. Bus Stop BluRay
  16. Cavalcade BluRay Combo
  17. Spring Breakers BluRay
  18. Tampopo SOLD OUT
  19. Street Trash BluRay
  20. Daimajin: Triple Feature BluRay

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