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July's SPECIAL EVENT screenings

Two action-packed movies in our new screening room

We're closing out July's programming in our new screening room with two movies full of action hotter than an unairconditioned Metro bus stuck in traffic.

Our first event is Saturday, July 20 at 8pm with the 1986 film THE HEROIC FIGHT. Here's a preview from your host, Matt Lynch:

A largely underseen gem in the ranks of Asian cult cinema, 1986's Heroic Fight is a constant explosion of baffling weirdness, tonal whiplash and inappropriate violence. Hsaio-Lao Lin (aka Peachboy: she was a girl who always played boys in the movies; here she's playing a boy who always plays girls!) the star attraction in a family of special effects techs and stuntmen, led by her father (Cheung-Yan Yuen of the legendary martial arts Yuen Clan). Soon the whole family gets mixed up in a plot by gangsters to kidnap a politician's daughter. Mickey Mouse turns up at a McDonalds during a performance of Madonna's "Material Girl", everything in our family's house is a transforming gadget, and Lin fights off bad guys with a weaponized super-bicycle. It doesn't get any crazier than this.

An example of said craziness:


Next up, on Saturday, July 27 at 8pm, our colleagues Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke present their 2008 action triumph STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS: 2010 A.D.:

"First the world was normal, everyone was happy. Then, the apocalypse happened and everything changed. Politics failed, Civilization fell into disarray. Out of the muck of this primordial devastation rose the hideous, deformed and evil Mutantzoids destroying everything in sight with their horrible mutant powers and appearances. None would stand in their swath of destruction, with the possible exception of...STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D.!"

Thus begins the most hilarious no-budget, post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/comedy epic ever made. Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt star as Kevin and Travis, two Steel of Fire Warriors who must fight against the evil Lord Gilgazorg and his Mutantzoid horde, in order to regain peace in New World. Along the way they are joined in their battles by many strange allies including a robot, a magical "Waracle", a weird little monster, "shadow people", and even A Girl!


STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS was written and produced by Travis & Kevin and directed by Wil Long. Some praise for their opus:

"...STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D., shot on a Viewfinder or something for negative eleventy fafillion dollars,
is fucking ridiculous and actually funny." --Lindy West, The Stranger
"...hyper testosteroned, post apocalyptic trash melodrama...extremely engrossing and fun to watch."


See for yourself:

In addition to our special events, we have movies playing most afternoons in the screening room. Stop by any time after 3pm and you can get a BEER from VHSpresso (along with their other fine selections of beverages) and watch what's on. Every Thursday afternoon, barista/MST3K enthusiast Thom shows various episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its offshoots Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic. Follow VHSpresso on Twitter for updates on what's playing. And stay tuned to our blog for news on next month's programming, which will focus on the continuing greatness of VHS.


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