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New Releases for June 25

The New Release lists are usually a bit shorter in summer, and this week is no exception. Still, there are plenty of thrillers, documentaries, mysteries, foreign films from this year's Seattle International Film Festival, and other wonders to keep your eyes and brains entertained. Here’s the list:


BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

SALE = Click this link to purchase select titles from our online store


NO—Compelling Chilean drama (and Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film) starring Gael García Bernal as a young ad man heading up the opposition campaign for the 1988 referendum on Augusto Pinochet’s presidency.  BLU  @  SALE


THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE—Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, and Steve Buscemi don bleached wigs, spray-on tans, and glittery jumpsuits for this humorous romp about rival Vegas magicians. The late James Gandolfini has a memorable part as a casino owner who can make and/or break careers.  BLU


THE CALL—Halle Berry plays a 911 operator who receives a call from a teenager (Abigail Breslin) trapped in a serial killer’s trunk. An incredibly tense stand-off between Berry and the killer ensues. BLU


CRAZY HORSE—Go inside the legendary Parisian cabaret with documentarian extraordinaire Frederick Wiseman. NOTE: This trailer contains nudity and is NSFW.   @


A PLACE AT THE TABLE— Directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush look at the economic, social, and cultural ramifications of food insecurity with discussions from activists, celebrities like Jeff Bridges and Top Chef's Tom Colicchio, and real people who struggle daily with hunger.  BLU  @  SALE


SHOAH—The Criterion Collection brings back into print a defining work of cinema. This intense nine-hour long examination of the Holocaust features nothing but first-hand accounts from witnesses, former Nazis, and survivors, creating an experience that is both highly intellectual and intensely emotional. The special features include three of director Claude Lanzmann’s short films.  BLU  @  SALE



The Last of Us (PS3)



Adventures of Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids: Complete Series  @

Green Lantern: The Animated Series-Manhunter Menace



At Long Last Love--The definitive edition from director Peter Bogdanovich

Help!   SALE



The Big C: Season 3

Borgen: Season 2   @

CSI: NY—The Final Season

Inspector Lewis: Series 6

Jack Taylor: Set 1

New Tricks: Season 9



Ages of Love (2011)—Italy

As Luck Would Have It (2011)—Spain, directed by Alex de la Iglesia

Black Pond (2011)—UK

F*@K Up (2012)(PAL Code 2)—Norway  New in our SIFF 2013 rental section

Gang Story (2011)—France

Honest (2008)—UK

Love Lasts Three Years (2012)—France

Naked Harbour (Vuosaari)(2012)(PAL Code 2)—Finland  New in our SIFF 2013 rental section

Night Train (2007)—China

Orange Honey (2012)(PAL Code 2)—Spain  New in our SIFF 2013 rental section

Rebellion (2013)—France

Suicide Shop (2012)—France, directed by Patrice Leconte

Transgression (2011)—Spain

Welcome Aboard (2012)—France



Lure of the Wilderness (1952)

Red Skies of Montana (1952)

Road to Glory (1936)

Siege at Red River (1954)

Tail Spin (1939)

The Tijuana Story (1957)

Untamed (1955)

Welcome Home, Soldier Boys (1972)

Western Union (1941)

White Witch Doctor (1953)



Barbershop Punk: Raising a Voice Against Media Consolidation

Frontline: Kind Hearted Woman

In The Wake of the Flood-- Director Ron Mann follows author Margaret Atwood on a North American book tour

Listen to the City (1984)--Another documentary by Ron Mann

N.A.S.A: The Spirit of Apollo--About the band with Sam Spiegel and DJ Zegon, not about the space program

NOVA: Australia’s First 4 Billion Years

NOVA: Mind of a Rampage Killer

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec God?



Crawlspace (2011)

Dead Souls

Free Samples

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

In The Family (2011)

Into The White

Phantom (2013)  BLU

The Rambler—A surreal crime story from local filmmaker Calvin Reeder. You can also see The Rambler starting Friday, June 28 at Northwest Film Forum.

Supporting Characters

Upside Down—Futuristic sci-fi romance starring Jim Sturgess & Kirsten Dunst.  BLU  @

We’ll return next week with the latest installment of Michael Apted’s epic series 56 Up, the kung-fu action of Tai Chi Hero, and more. Happy viewing.,_small_file.jpg_large.jpg?1351541278

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