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BAD BOYS II: The Commentary Track

Michael Bay's monsterpiece Bad Boys II is ten years old now, and Scarecrow is celebrating with a special screening of it in our brand new screening room, hosted by our own Matt Lynch and Kevin Clarke. Matt's been obsessed with this movie, watching it over and over again for the past decade and constantly bombarding his friends and coworkers here at the store with his crazy opinions and baffling analysis of this quite possibly indefensible film. And now you will get to experience that thrill for yourself! Matt and Kevin have recorded a full-length audio commentary track that you can download, cue up, and play along with the movie. This isn't a Rifftrax, they're not making fun of the movie but discussing it, debating its merits (or lack thereof) and generally just marvelling at all the Bayhem. If you can't make it to our screening or even just want to hear two nerds overthink an infamous movie for two and a half hours, here's your chance. It's a DRM free mp3 file that can be burned or played on any device that can play them, so enjoy!
Click here for the the full-length audio commentary track.
Our special screening of Bad Boys II is Saturday, June 22 at 8pm.

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