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Scarecrow's NEW space to watch movies

Opening Saturday, June 22 with BAD BOYS II

What lies behind this cabinet of mystery?


Since Scarecrow Video opened in 1988, our mission has been to unite people with film. The execution so far has been pretty simple: Have all the movies, TV shows, and other random things anyone would want to watch, all under one roof. It’s also about the connection you get having a face-to-face conversation with people about the movies they like, the movies they hate, and the movies they love.


Part of that personal connection comes with watching movies together. One of our favorite things around here is when people stop to see what’s playing on our in-store monitor. Sometimes it’s because there’s a beloved part coming up that no one wants to miss (this happens a lot with Ghostbusters). Sometimes a scene draws people in to a film they’ve never seen before. Recently a customer stood and absorbed most of a documentary on Donovan called Sunshine Superman. After being asked several times if he was being helped, he said, “I’m just watching. This is blowing my mind.” That’s what we like to hear.


While we brainstormed about how we can better share in the movie-watching experience, we realized we don’t just want to be a place where people grab a movie and go. Scarecrow should also be somewhere movie fans, from the casual viewer to the die hard cinephile, can gather and celebrate the works they enjoy. For that, we’d need a screening room, and the long process of remodeling began. First, we cleared about 18,500 VHS tapes out of a back room and knocked down a wall to open it to the rest of the store. Then we installed a new floor and shelves and made a nice seating area by the windows for VHSpresso (you may recall that opening last fall). Next, we turned to our Roosevelt neighbors at Definitive Audio for advice. With their help, we outfitted the room with a large HD television and top-notch sound equipment and transformed it into a comfortable space to sit and watch a movie. At show time we’ll pull heavy curtains over the windows, press play, and commune with fellow fans of cinema.


The inaugural event speaks to our love of passionate film discussion (and sometimes contentious debate) coupled with the summer movie season’s apparent joy in blowing up as much stuff as possible. Here's the official description:

Sometimes you long for the good old days of action movies. Today's PG-13 CGI spectacles just don't have the same edge. Back in the 80s and 90s you could expect to hit the multiplex every single weekend and see something loaded with guns and explosions and nasty violence, displaying a casual disregard for human life and with a view of the world that might charitably called sociopathic. Here at Scarecrow Video, we feel you. That's why we're inaugurating our brand new screening room with a showing of the pinnacle of action movie monstrosities, Michael Bay's BAD BOYS II. Hosted by our own Matt Lynch and Kevin Clarke, who will explain just what's so appealing about 25 years of bad vibes from action cinema rolled up into one big fat ball and hurled straight at the audience, and how something so silly and meanspirited could also be so much fun.

The screening room will eventually feature shows several times a week, spanning various movie and TV genres. We’ll also spotlight titles from our massive rental inventory that aren’t available anywhere else—aka a lot of movies only on VHS. Look for a schedule coming soon on our website in the EVENTS section, and we'll post updates via our Facebook and Twitter pages. For those of you who prefer a hard copy (viva physical media!), we'll have printed schedule available in the store. Stay tuned, everyone, and thank you for your continued support! We look forward to watching a movie with you soon.


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