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Translations, SIFF & more cinema stuff for the week of May 10

Ok people, here we go. It's mega-film festival time in Seattle. First, Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF) continues through Saturday at Grand Illusion Cinema. Take a look at the schedule and get tickets online for the last few great movies. On Saturday afternoon, there's the world premiere of Headcase (trailer NSFW), a dark comedy about a simple delivery job gone horribly wrong. You can get FREE tickets to Headcase, which will have filmmakers in attendance and plays with the short film Say Yes to Me and the winning work from Seattle University's Film Festival, by visiting the online ticketing site and use the promo code Scarecrow.


Second, Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival continues through Sunday at Northwest Film Forum. Check out the list of films and full schedule on their site.


Last but certainly not least, The Seattle International Film Festival begins Thursday. The Opening Night extravaganza with Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is long sold out, but after that there's three weeks of great films to discover. We recommend Lynn Shelton's latest Touchy Feely, the African Pictures series and the Midnight Adrenaline movies, the evening with Kyle MacLachlan (featuring the Twin Peaks pilot). There's far too many movies and happenings for us to list, so visit SIFF's site for the full rundown of films, venues, and ticket information, or stop by Scarecrow and pick up a copy of the free guide.

In the days before the festival, SIFF Cinema continues their runs of The Angel's Share, Ken Loach's latest film is a bittersweet comedy following a group of petty thieves in Glasgow through their plans to steal a valuable bottle of whisky; Renoir, a romantic drama set in the lush French countryside in 1915 explores the relationship between painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his son/future filmmaker Jean; The Source Family, a look at the infamous 70s hippie commune and their eccentric leader Father Yod; and local filmmaker Megan Griffiths' critically acclaimed Eden.


Northwest Film Forum welcomes Olivier Assayas’ latest film Something in the Air, the story of a young man caught between his burgeoning revolutionary ideas and personal commitments admist the political turmoil in France in May 1968.

On Thursday NWFF's Live at the Film Forum series presents the world premiere of We Are Failing Them. This new work by Robin Holcomb, Britta Johnson and Curtis Taylor, "is a song cycle, performed live with film and objects, that engages in a sideways view of the curious and spectacular tragedy of the Donner Party. Drawing upon the languages of recital, film and staged séance, this evening-length entertainment asks: what gets left behind along the trail to the Promised Land?"

There are still tickets available for NWFF's fundraising extravaganza This Gala is Not Yet Rated, this Friday evening at 415 Westlake. Join NWFF for an evening of cocktails, dancing, and celebrating their seventeen years of supporting filmmakers and cinema.


Central Cinema has the The Usual Suspects, a film which these days many only remember for the end reveal (and for its inclusion on this infamous t-shirt). See it again and remember it's also an excellent caper story. There's also Goldeneye, one of the more loved James Bond films featuring Pierce Brosnan's first turn as 007. On Wednesday, Ninkasi Brewing presents an Army of Darkness Quote-a-Long, so if you only know "Give me some sugar, baby," start practicing now. Thursday brings another all-ages & family friendly Cartoon Happy Hour, followed by the original 1971 classic Shaft. It's the first film in CC's The Black and the Beautiful series curated by Franklin High School senior Mia Roberson as part of her senior project. It will continue on through next week with such great films as Jackie Brown and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


On Tuesday,Grand Illusion Cinema hosts The Sprocket Society's Funny Business, a collection of silent comedies and cartoons from the 1920s, including some Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, Felix the Cat and more cinematic hootenany. On Wednesday and Thursday, there's just two shows of Dario Argento's 1977 hallucinatory masterpiece Suspiria on lovely 35mm. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for info on how you can win tickets to Thursday's screening.


The French New Wave Masters series at Seattle Art Museum continues Thursday at the Plestcheeff Auditorium downtown with a 35mm print of Jean-Luc Godard's swinging 60s pop romance Masculine Feminine starring Jean-Pierre Leaud and Chantal Goya.


For you night owls, the Midnight Movie at The Egyptian this Friday & Saturday is the 1989 cult hit Samuari Cop."The magnitude of this cinematic gem cannot be defined. It has it all. A Japanese/Mexican crime lord with a mullet? Check. A guy who dies four different times because they didn't know enough people who wanted to be in this movie? Check. Random nurse scene? Check."


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