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Scarecrow on Seattle: THIRD DEGREE BURN

For the past few years, Scarecrow Video has been contributing reviews of movies made in the Pacific Northwest to the Seattle Office of Film + Music's e-newsletter (you may have seen some of them when we had our Scarecrow on Seattle rental section up last year). We're now proud to be able to share these reviews on our site as well.





Third Degree Burn (1989)
The very first image of this made for HBO neo-noir is the Space Needle and, aside from a brief stop in Tucson, Arizona, this movie is jam packed with Seattle area location footage. It is a decent but derivative film that stars Treat Williams as a Private Eye who gets hired to find out if a rich man's wife (Virginia Madsen) is having an affair. Sure enough, Treat and Virg end up having an affair themselves and things get even more complicated when Madsen's husband ends up dead. The P.I. is the prime suspect as he finds himself caught up in a series of double crosses that could have been avoided if he'd seen the film Body Heat. Williams' office is located in Pioneer Square with a window right next to the viaduct and quite a lot of the movie unfolds in the neighborhood. There is also a scene that takes place by the Black Hole Sun sculpture in Volunteer Park, Madsen eats at the Il Bistro restaurant and then ends up having a stroll through the Pike Place Market, a car drives on the viaduct with the Kingdome proudly standing in the background, there's a funeral at Lake View Cemetery, a meeting occurs in the King Street Station, a low-key chase takes place in the International District and Treat finds a dead body in Lake Union near Lynn Street Park. For me the film's highlight is a scene that takes place at the Hat and Boots gas station back when it was a functioning service station. Ah...the good ole days.
-Spenser Hoyt


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