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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 39: Roger Ebert & Great Adaptations

Right before we sat down to record the latest Scarecrow Video podcast, Mark Steiner, Kevin, and Matt heard the sad news of Roger Ebert's passing. Needless to say he was a legend who did a great deal for the movies and for our love of them, and so before they get down to business the guys have a few words of fond remembrance for Roger. RIP.
But the real reason for this newest installment is our "Great Adaptations" special section. Each one of our insanely knowledgeable staff picked a handful of their favorite films based on books, comics or plays...anything really (but no remakes and no movies based on TV shows). We talk about only a few of our selections here but make sure to stop by the store and check out the hundreds of movies in the section. As promised in the episode, you'll find the full list posted on our site.

You can listen to the podcast on our site or on iTunes.

NOTE: The episode contains the occasional swear word and therefore may not be suitable for work or all audiences.

A sneak peak at some of their picks:


You'll find previous Scarecrow Video Podcast episodes in our site archives.

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