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Scarecrow on Seattle: THE CHANGELING

For the past few years, Scarecrow Video has been contributing reviews of movies made in the Pacific Northwest to the Seattle Office of Film + Music's e-newsletter (you may have seen some of them when we had our Scarecrow on Seattle rental section up last year). We're now proud to be able to share these reviews on our site as well.





The Changeling (1980)
Seattle has always struck me a great place for a horror film. We've got creepy underground tunnels, shadowy Victorian mansions, dark forests, frightening native legends, and even a haunted fish market! Over the years a few really exciting horror films (and a couple not-so exciting ones) have been shot here. My favorite is The Changeling, starring George C. Scott as a recently widowed composer who purchases a Seattle area mansion in hopes of putting his past behind him. The mansion, with its darkened hallways and large empty rooms becomes a sort of metaphor for the character's life, and like himself, it too is haunted. What makes this movie work is its subtlety. It is a big movie, with a big star - and yet is filmed with a sense of intimacy. We feel badly for Scott because he isn't the typical horror movie victim. He is a strong, intelligent, man with a very human fragility, and a strong faith which is sorely tested. Truly one of the great overlooked horror films of the 1980's.
--Rhias Hall

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