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VHSEX & more cinema happenings for the week of February 8

Attention! Valentine's Day is Thursday, Feburary 14. We encourage you to spend a steamy evening at Grand Illusion Cinema for VHSEX (this trailer is sooo NSFW), an "arousing mix of raunch, sleaze, filth, sexual hysteria, pervs, peeping toms, nymphos, go-go dancers, full frontal nudity and full posterior nudity" straight from Scarecrow's vast VHS archive. You might find yourself blushing quite a bit.

There's a lot more going on at the GI this week, starting with a week-long run of We Don't Care About Music Anyway, a "kaleidoscopic view" of Toyko's experimental music scene. Alone Up There, a documentary on what drives people to become stand-up comedians featuring Marc Maron and Norm MacDonald, plays on Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday, they'll be screenings of Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives, (trailer has natural childbirth scenes and may be NSFW) a documentary about group of self-taught midwives and their continuing mission to promote safe and healthy maternity practices around the world. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, there's Supersilent 7, a concert film featuring Norway's avant-garde, improvisational music group.

On Saturday the 9th, the Sprocket Society presents another Saturday Secret Matinee, which features a different thrilling classic film each week from now thorugh March. February's theme is Exotic Lands, featuring "far rebellions, secret cults, and other breath-taking journeys into Terra incognita!"


Under the shadow of the Space Needle at SIFF Cinema, there's the new Steven Soderbergh film Side Effects. This psychological thriller on the mind, mood-altertering drugs, and murder stars Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Soderbergh MVP Channing Tatum.

You can get a huge advantage on your office's Oscar pool this week with the Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films. This is also a great opportunity to see these shorts that rarely make their way to a home video format. They'll be shown in two parts throughout the week, so check the schedule for what time each part is playing. You can also save money by using the promo code SCARECROW + MOVIES online, over the phone, or at the box office to get $2 OFF either the $11 general admission or $13 double feature ticket price.

On Thursday, aka the aforementioned Valentine's Day, you and your sweetie can go over the cliff with Harold and Maude, complete with tragic-romantic candy hearts and a pre-show Cat Stevens sing along.

Continuing their runs at SIFF Cinema this week are the multi-Academy Award®–nominated Silver Linings Playbook and Django Unchained. Don't forget that you can rent any movie from our Chain Links section and get a coupon for $2 OFF tickets to Django Unchained at SIFF Cinema.


Northwest Film Forum kicks off a two-week run of the critically acclaimed Tabu, "an unpredictable epic with one foot in the romance genre and the other in post-colonial commentary" from Portuguese director Miguel Gomes. For more praise, we refer you to Charles Mudede's review in The Stranger.

The Great Cinematic Clown Pierre Étaix series continues Wednesday with the slapstick romantic comedy As Long As You're Healthy and Thursday with The Suitor, where Pierre becomes "a bookworm on the prowl" (I can't think of anything sexier). Now, you may be asking, who is Pierre Étaix? Allow NWFF to explain: "Pierre Étaix is a one-man new wave of comedy. A clown, magician, illustrator and cabaret artist whose films recall the genius of Keaton, Chaplin and Lloyd, he's probably the finest physical comedian you’ve never heard of."


Central Cinema has dueling Audreys this week with Breakfast at Tiffany's and Amelie. The Night & Day film noir series continues Wednesday with the Coen Brothers' Fargo. Thursday's Cartoon Happy Hour will be followed by the swoon-tastic Valentine's Day edition of Dream Date Sing Along, featuring an all-new show of your favorite Dream Date musicians. Can we request some Tom Jones?


On Friday the Seattle Art Musuem has a screening of the great Soul Power, a chronicle of the three-day music festival that led up to Muhammad Ali and George Foreman's "Rumble in the Jungle" (does SAM allow dancing in the aisles? I hope so). Then on Thursday, the VIVA ITALIA series continues at Plestcheeff Auditorium with Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1962 drama Mamma Roma.

Scarecrow Video presents VHSEX

Poster by Marc Palm

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