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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 36: DJANGO!

Happy New Year from the Scarecrow Video podcast! It's well known that Matt and Kevin are devout Quentin Tarantino fanboys and their heads are still spinning after three viewings each of QT's new film Django Unchained. They spend a while just discussing the film, which of course they love almost unreservedly, before moving on to our new "Chain Links" section which is packed full of movies that either inspired or are referenced in Django .

Fair warning: do NOT listen to this podcast if you have yet to see Django Unchained; these two spoil it mercilessly!

You can listen to the podcast on our site or on iTunes. NOTE: The episode contains the occasional swear word and therefore may not be suitable for work or all audiences.

Here's the trailer for Sergio Corbucci's 1966 film Django starring Franco Nero (who shows up in Unchained).

You'll find the Chain Links Django rental section across from the red New Release shelves on our main floor. Among the films Matt and Kevin discuss from it are Mandingo, Russ Meyer's Blacksnake!, and the Looney Tunes "Dog Gone South" cartoon. Is it just me or does Don Johnson's Django character kinda look like the plantation owner?

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