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New Releases for December 21

What's this?!? TWO new release lists in ONE week? That's what happens when a major holiday falls on a Tuesday. Here are a few titles new on our shelves today:


BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory.

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details.)

SALE = Click this link to purchase select titles from OUR ONLINE STORE


ARBITRAGE--A suspenseful thriller about wealth, family, and the driving desire for power, featuring a now Golden Globe-nominated performance by Richard Gere.  BLU  @  SALE


RED HOOK SUMMER--Spike Lee's latest follows a young man from Atlanta spending the summer with his devoutly religious grandfather in New York's Red Hook housing projects. This is another additon to Lee's Chronicles on Brooklyn series--and he reprises his role as Mookie from Do The Right Thing.   SALE


KILLER JOE--Director William "French Connection" Friedkin and playwright Tracy Letts' neo-noir stars Emile Hirsch as a desperate man who hires assassin (Matthew McConaughey) to kill his mother for the insurance money. As you can probably guess, some gruesome complications enuse. It's shown up on several credible Best of 2012 lists.   BLU  SALE


PREMIUM RUSH--Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a slick bike messenger who picks up a particularly sensitive package and ends up on an intense chase through New York City, led by a corrupt cop (Michael Shannon) who wants what's inside.  BLU  SALE


RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION--The saga continues as Alice (Milla Jovovich) once again takes on the Umbrella Corporation in a fight to save humanity. 




Centurions: The Original Miniseries (1986)

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time   BLU



Blooded Treasury Fight (1978)—Hong Kong

Chasing The Deer (1994)—Scotland

Clandestine Marriage (1999)—UK

Dangerous Game (1988)—Australia

Dil Deke Dekho (1964)—India

Diputado (1978)—Spain

Eighth Day (1996)—Belgium

Four Seasons (2008)(PAL Code 2)—UK   Miniseries starring Michael York, Tom Conti, and Juliet Mills, based on the story by Rosamunde Pilcher.

Just Henry (2011)—UK

Sandstorm (2009)—Canada

Voice of the Moon (1990)—Italy, directed by Federico Fellini



Decade of Courage: The Falun Gong Story

Forensic Files: Crimes of Passion

Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender

Mudhoney: Live-Berlin 1988

9.79 * (ESPN 30 for 30 series)

Secrets of the Dead: The Man Who Saved The World

Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown



Chain Cang (1950)

East of Sudan (1964)

Fighting Frontiersman (1946) 

Full of Life (1956)

Legend of the Golden Gun (1979)

We'll be back on Monday, aka Christmas Eve, for a brief addendum to this list. Remember, Scarecrow will close at 8pm on Christmas Eve and be CLOSED on Christmas Day. Happy viewing and happy holidays to all!




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