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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 35: The HOBBIT

After a long break and a busy autumn the Scarecrow Video Podcast is finally back! Even though Christmas is just around the corner, we were bored by the idea of talking about "Your Favorite Holiday Films (tm)" and It's a Wonderful Life or Die Hard for the millionth time. So while we don't usually cover new movies in theaters, we couldn't just let the release of a new Tolkien film pass by without some commentary. Matt and Kevin are joined by Amie Simon from Three Imaginary Girls to discuss not just The Hobbit: An Unexpeceted Journey, but the three previous, award-winning and beloved (though not necessarily by these weirdos) films. And while we have mixed feelings about the movie itself, we were definitely in agreement about the much-anticipated 48FPS 3D presentation.
You can listen to the podcast on our site or on iTunes. NOTE: The episode contains the occasional swear word and therefore may not be suitable for work or all audiences.
Is it possible you didn't know there was a Hobbit movie coming out? Here's the trailer!
There, excited yet? Seems like a lot of dwarfs (dwarves?). Confused? Amie pointed us to this handy dwarf-identifying infographic.
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