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BOURNE & more New Releases for December 11

It’s another epic week here at Scarecrow, with lots of new Blu-rays, TV shows, films from the UK and Korea, and several titles that would make excellent gifts for the film fans on your list. Not listed here are a bunch of new additions to our Holiday sections, including copies of our video clip show VHSXMAS II which recently played at Grand Illusion Cinema. Come browse the seasonal sections for the new stuff (suggested browsing beverage: Egg Nog Latte from VHSpresso), and here's the list of most everything else new today:

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

3D BLU = Available for rent on lovely 3D Blu-ray, though you must have a 3D TV to experience the full glory.

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details.)

SALE = Click this link to purchase select titles from OUR ONLINE STORE!  It's BACK!


THE BOURNE LEGACY—Jeremy Renner is Aaron Cross, a product of the same top secret government program that gave us Jason Bourne, who takes up the cat-and-mouse action where Mr. Bourne left it.   BLU  @   SALE


GIRLS: SEASON 1—Lena Dunham follows up her indie hit film Tiny Furniture with this HBO series. As our colleague Paige notes in the current issue of City Arts, “what is best about Girls is the departure from the idealized fantasy world of TV shows about young women: the characters are modern, imperfect, hilarious and, most of all, relatable.”   BLU  SALE


TED—Boy wishes teddy bear could talk, teddy bear magically comes alive, boy and teddy grow up to be pot-smoking slackers with relationship issues. It’s filled with plenty of what future Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane does best--crude jokes and pop culture references--but is genuine enough to come together as more than just innuendos and Knight Rider ringtones.   BLU  SALE


MIAMI CONNECTION—Much thanks to the good people at Drafthouse Films for unearthing this almost-forgotten mid-80s oddity for all to enjoy. Our colleague Spenser says in City Arts, “Now everybody can dig the delirious story of a martial arts tussle between a keytar-banging synth-rock band called Dragon Sound and an evil gang of cocaine-dealing, motorcycle riding ninjas. Snobs and snoots may proclaim this to be ‘so bad it’s good,’ but they are only half right. This is a one-of-a-kind mindbender." WARNING: A guy gets his head cut off in this trailer.   BLU SALE


THE STORY OF FILM—Film historian Mark Cousins’ leads us on a 15-part journey through cinema, starting with the silents and on to the digital era. Have a pen and paper ready, as you’ll likely double or triple your “to view” list as the series goes on. It would be a great gift for anyone with an interest in the movies.  SALE


THE FOLLOWING and THE QATSI TRILOGY—The Criterion Collection presents two new titles: The first is The Following, Christopher Nolan’s 1999 noir following a writer’s psychological journey through London. The second is The Qatsi Trilogy, or Koyaanisqats, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. If you’re unfamiliar with this trio of films from experimental film director Godfrey Reggio, our colleague Mark says in City Arts that they “dreamily and wordlessly survey the world’s landscape and citizens and call into question our relationship with technology and industry.” The set includes Reggio’s 1992 short Animal Mundi. Don’t forget, ALL our Criterion & Eclipse series titles are ON SALE through the end of the year.   BLU  @   Click the photos to purchase online.



The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)



Majikoi: Oh! Samurai Girls-Complete Collection

Ninja Scroll (1993)   BLU

Shiki: Part 1, Episodes 1-12   BLU

Shiki: Part 2, Episodes 13-22  BLU




Big John Little John: Complete Series

Digimon: Season 1

Flintstones Prime Time Specials Collection-Volume 2

Fred 3: Camp Fred

Ice Age: Continental Drift    3D BLU  BLU  @  SALE

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters-Creatures Unleashed

LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Green Ninja

Pac-Man: Season 2

Sea Level

Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood & His Merry Mouse   BLU

Transformers Prime: Season 2  BLU



Chiller: Complete Television Series (1995)

Duck Dynasty: Season 1

Futurama: Volume 7   BLU   @   SALE

The Game: Season 5

Hart of Dixie: Season 1

Hot in Cleveland: Season 3

Law & Order: Criminal Intent-Season 9

Life and Times of Grizzly Adams: Season 1

Mannix: Final Season (Season 8)

Peter Gunn: Seasons 1-3

Shipping Wars: Season 1

Storage Wars Texas: Season 1

Streets of San Francisco: Season 5, Volumes 1 & 2

Ultraseven: Complete Series   @

Video Game High School: Season 1 

Wolf Lake: Complete Series



Absent (2011)—Argentina

Anita (2009)—Argentina

Beloved (2011)—France   @

Captain’s Table (1959)—UK

Don’t Panic, Chaps (1959)—UK

Doomsday Book (2012)—Korea  BLU  @

Elvis & Madonna (2010)—Brazil

Eyewitness (1956)—UK

Hermano (2010)—Venezuela

Midnight FM (2010)—Korea

The Outlaw (2010)—Korea

The Paradise (2012)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Secret State (2012)(PAL Code 2)—UK 

Slave Ship (2010)—Japan

Tokyo Playboy Club (2011)—Japan

Troubleshooter (2010)—Korea

The Unjust (2010)—Korea

You Know What Sailors Are (1954)—UK



Black Gold (1962)

Cisco Kid (1994)

Coast of Skeletons (1964)

Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)

Dress Gray (1986)

Everybody Does It (1949)

Father Was a Fullback (1949)

Good Old Boys (1995)

Guru (1968)

Happy Land (1943)

It Happened In Athens (1961)

It Happens Every Spring (1949)

Bobby Jones: How I Play Golf…(1931)

Kid From Left Field (1953)

Life in the Balance (1955)

Little Old New York (1940)

My Pal Gus (1952)

Private’s Affair (1959)

Riders of the Purple Sage (1995)

Sea Gull (1968)

Show Them No Mercy (1935)

Sing Boy Sing (1958)

Stanley and Livingstone (1939)

This is My Affair (1937)

Three Came Home (1950)

Tonight We Sing! (1953)

The Virginian (1999)

Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie (1952)

Where Do We Go From Here? (1945)

World War III (1980)




Louie Anderson: Big Baby Boomer

Burning in the Sun

Celebrity Trials in the Media

Cornwall with Caroline Quentin

Dreams of a Life

41—A documentary on 41st President George W. Bush 

Goose (ESPN)

Kathy Griffin: Red + White + Raw

Head Games--Documentary on football head injuries from the director of Hoop Dreams

Woody Herman: Blue Flame

Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8

John Lennon: Inside

Mansome—Morgan Spurlock explores the world of male grooming with the help of Jason Bateman and Will Arnett  SALE

Minds in the Water

Narrow Escapes of World War II

La Pastorela: The Shepherd’s Tale

Rolling Stones: Under Review 1975-83

Sandburg’s Lincoln

Sounds of the Underground

Ike & Tina Turner: On the Road 1971-72


Visions of Ecstasy: Films of Nigel Wingrove

Warren Miller’s like There’s No Tomorrow



All Ashore (1952)

Assignment K (1968)

Atomic Brain Invasion

Bringing Up Bobby

Camp on Blood Island (1957)

Cherry (2010)

Christmas Story 2

The Cottage

Death Valley (1982)  BLU

Django Kills Silently/Django’s Cut Price Corpses  @

Dropping Evil

The Fantasist (1986) 


Highway (2012)

Hirokin: The Last Samurai

Hook, Line & Sinker (1968)

Hostage (1988)

I Don’t Want To Do Wrong: The Play

The Island (1980)  BLU

Kill ‘Em All (2012)  BLU

Love You Save

Man Called Django/Django and Sartana’s Showdown  @

Mancation (Unrated)

Mark of the Beast (2012)

Mark of the Gun (1966)

Maximum Conviction   BLU

Mommy is Coming

Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical

Night Riders (1939)

Nipples & Palm Trees

Overland Stage Raiders (1938)

Portrait of a Lady (1996)—Special Edition  BLU  @

Red River Range (1939)

Schizo (1976)

Séance: The Summoning

Shaka Zulu (1986)

Silent Night (2012)  BLU

Slaughter Tales

Strawberry Cliff

Supernatural Activity

They’re Out of Business

Three Texas Sisters (1939)

Trade of Innocents

Truth or Die

Why Stop Now  BLU

Wife Master

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (Unrated)  BLU



Americano (2011)

The Apparition


Bonfire of the Vanities

Butter (2012)

Cave of the Yellow Dog

Children Who Chase Lost Voices  @

Dick Tracy (1990)  @


Excision (Unrated)

Fire With Fire (2012)

Gamera The Brave (2006)  @

Hope Springs

The League: Season 3

Manufactured Landscapes  @  SALE

Freddy Mercury: The Great Pretender

Metalocalypse: Season 4

Les Miserables (1998)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Natural Selection

Next Three Days


Outpost: Black Sun

Painted Skin: The Resurrection

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

Poor Little Rich Girl (1917) / Hoodlum (1919)

Rescue 3D  3D BLU

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Sparkle (2012)

Step Up: Revolution  3D BLU

Sweet Home Alabama

Titanic: Blood & Steel

The Trap (1959)

Tron: Legacy  3D BLU

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

The Universe in 3D   3D BLU

Vamps (2012)

Von Ryan’s Express (1965)

Westerns Unchained (25 films!)  @

Wu Dang

Zorro (1975)


We’ll return next week with Mike Birbiglia in Sleepwalk With Me, Mr. Clint Eastwood in Trouble With The Curve, Colin Farrell in the Total Recall reboot, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect & much more. Happy viewing to all.


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