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New VHSpresso seating area & more to come

You may have read the nice write-up on Seattle Met's website about our recent refurbishments. We're pleased to report most of the reshuffling is done and the new room is open for business!

Ooh, new shelves! More space! Dance floor, perhaps?


We've also created a open, bright space to sit and enjoy a beverage and/or snack from VHSpresso. We recommend the chai and any of the cookies or breads from our friends at Chaco Canyon Cafe.

Sit, sip, relax. Maybe make a list of movies to watch. I got a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte with rice milk and some pumpkin bread from Chaco. And since it's Monday, I got double punches on my VHSpresso card. Ten punches gets you a free rental!


You can also browse the shelves for VHS treasures like these...


But what's with the velvety walls and curtains? The last stage of our grand remodeling plan involves outfitting this space with a screen and speakers. Eventually we'll be able to move out the shelves, bring in some chairs, and have a space to screen all kinds of movies. What would you like us to show first?

Coming soon to this wall...A BIG SCREEN!


Stay tuned to our blog for more on the screening room and future events. Better yet, come in and see everything for yourself! 

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