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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 34: VHS GEMS

You might remember that earlier this year Matt, Kevin, Spenser and Laird got together for a lengthy podcast about their favorite bad movies in conjunction with Friend of Scarecrow Brian Saur's series over at his blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks.
Well, Brian's running another series about great movies you can only find on VHS. Of course Scarecrow is loaded with such treasures, and he asked us to come up with some more lists. Laird couldn't make it but the rest of the guys sat down at Dante's to discuss their lists.
Kevin highlights a couple of Canadian exploitation films and an early example of Austin, Texas-based American Independent cinema, while Spenser talks about a forgotten noir, a blaxploitation rarity and the incredibly rare World's Greatest Sinner. Matt brings up a childhood favorite, some bizarre spy spoofs, an accidental softcore porn film and the low-budget action masterpiece Action USA.
After the podcast was all finished, Matt couldn't believe he forgot to talk about his ultimate pick, Don Johnson's Heartbeat! Here's his writeup from the list he submitted:

"Possibly my favorite VHS-only experience is "Don Johnson's HEARTBEAT", the hour-long music video/film that accompanies Johnson's 1986 album of the same name. In the movie, Johnson plays a war photographer covering some South American revolution who is gravely wounded while trying to rescue a child caught in the crossfire. The movie is mostly made up of his extended near-death experience. The director, John Nicollela (potentially most notable credit: KULL THE CONQUEROR) produced and directed a lot of TV, including episodes of "Miami Vice", and HEARTBEAT has an appropriately knockoff-Michael Mann feel to it, a vibe that extends to its amazing supporting cast which includes Sandahl Bergman, Paul Shaffer, Lori Singer, David Carradine, Dweezil & Moon Unit Zappa, Willie Nelson, Luiz Guzman and Giancarlo Esposito. The music itself kind of reminds me of Don Henley's solo career. Pretty action-packed for a glorified music video vanity project; it's kind of bizarre to think of something like this getting made today, especially for an actor moonlighting as a rock star rather than vice versa. There's even a surprisingly explicit sex scene. All of that packed into a tight 65 minutes. Under no circumstances are you to miss this thing."

Here's a clip

You can see their full VHS lists here:
and even though he couldn't be there to podcast with us, here's Laird's.
We've even got some some trailers for the movies they mention:
From Spenser's list: Split and Darktown Strutters
From Kevin's, here's the "Wrap Rap" from We Wish You A Turtle Christmas
And Matt insists you check out Order of the Black Eagle
...and then there's this clip from Action USA
The guys also talk about International Video Store Day, which happens this weekend, Saturday October 20. Scarecrow is going to have tons of prizes and sales going on, and even an art show, to celebrate the greatness that is the Video Store, so come on in!
Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes, (where you can also leave a comment, hint, hint). Warning, some salty language rears up now and again and so this is NSFW.
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