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What's Happening on VIDEO STORE DAY?

The second annual International Independent Video Store Day is Saturday, October 20! It's the perfect day to visit your neighborhood video store and show your support for local, independent, brick and mortar, way-bigger-than-a-vending machine sources for movies and entertainment. It's also a perfect day for us to show our deep appreciation for our customers and community. Here's some of what we'll have in store:


  • 50% OFF used movies for sale--Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS, even Laserdiscs. This sale will continue on Sunday for your savings pleasure.
  • $3 OFF new Blu-rays & DVDs or sale *
  • 10 rentals for $35  **


  • A Full Series pass to the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival, courtesy of the good people at SIFF
  • A theater rental from our awesome neighbors at Grand Illusion Cinema
  • Screening passes for any of the fine programming at Northwest Film Forum
  • Screening passes to movies at any of our area Landmark Theatres
  • $25 gift certificate & 4 movie passes to the food & beverage movie house Central Cinema
  • The five-disc set The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Mark Cousins' epic love letter to cinema, courtesy of Music Box Films.
  • A Blu-ray & Region-free DVD player which plays standard US Blu-rays and DVDs from anywhere in the world

THE GIVEAWAYS that will be bestowed upon customers throughout the day. They include an eclectic selection of Blu-rays, DVDs, and other merchandise from such home video labels as:

Here's a quick peek at just a few of the giveaway items...


  • The VHS ART NEW WAVE SHOW, an exhibit of VHS boxes created by cartoonists and designers from Seattle, Portland, and even some far-flung locales like New York and L.A. The show is curated by our colleague Marc J Palm (who also designed the poster). Visit the Tumblr page for a preview.
  • A Scarecrow on Seattle special rental section, featuring movies and  television progams made and/or set in Washington State, all from the archives of our column for the Seattle Office of Film + Music
  • Tasty coffee and chai samples from VHSpresso
  • Limited Edition Scarecrow T-shirts and tote bags for sale


Maybe you rented movies here when you were a student at UW but haven't been back much since. Maybe you tell your out-of-town movie-loving friends all about us but it's been a while since you came through our doors. Maybe you recently cancelled your cable and need a one-stop place to satisfy your random movie cravings. Maybe you're in the middle of a Blu-ray binge or experiencing a VHS renaissance (or both!). Maybe you're new in town and curious what over 117,000 movies look like under one roof. Maybe you've been getting your movies and shows here since we opened in 1988 and are still making your way through our stacks. No matter what your reason or where you're coming from, we invite EVERYONE to visit on Video Store Day and discover or rediscover what Scarecrow has to offer. We hope you'll leave with the thought, "Hey, this is a pretty cool place I'm proud to support." We'll see you on the 20th.


THANK YOU to all who donated prizes & artwork to Video Store Day!

* All sales are not valid with any other offers. Good for $3 off new Blu-rays & DVDs for sale priced at $15 or more, excludes sale and closeout items.

**Save $10 when you pre-pay for 10 rentals. The rentals stay on your account to use as you like and they don't expire.

***This means things that will be going on all day. It is not a reference to the M. Night Shyamalan film The Happening starring Mark Wahlberg as a human who can outrun the wind.


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