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Independent Video Store Day II: Electric Boogaloo

Coming Saturday, October 20

Save the date! The second annual INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORE DAY is Saturday, October 20. 


We had a fantastic time last year with all the giveaways and sales and general merriment. Our hearts were nice and toasty from the kind words customers had for us and the store, especially from people who hadn't been to the store since college/the mid 90s/they moved to L.A.

We've got some excellent things planned for this year, including more big sales on new and used movies, giveaways from local film organizations, and some limited edition Scarecrow merchandise. We'll also have a fabulous VHS art show featuring local artists paying tribute to box covers from the early days of home video and a special rental section of movies from our Scarecrow on Seattle column from the Seattle Office of Film + Music. We hope to see you here (if not sooner)! Thanks to everyone for the continued support of local stores like ours.

One great reason to visit is to see with your own eyes the changes we've made to the store. Like the wider, straightened shelves...

...or the new New Release section, now at the front of the store on bright red shelves (the New Blu-ray shelf stayed blue):

And you'll definitely want to see just what we're going to do with this space. Sadly, it won't be a dance floor where we recreate scenes from Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing. We promise it will be just as good, if not better.

Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, and this blog for more updates on Video Store Day.



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