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Unknown & Unseen: Overlooked Titles From Our Vast Collection

Scarecrow recently passed the 117,000 mark for titles--that's 117,000 individual titles for rent; we don't count ten copies of Sherlock as ten titles. At this arbitrary milestone, we'd like to take a moment to pause and reflect on those titles in our increasingly vast inventory that have never rented. We recently ran a performance report, grabbed those titles with "zero turns" from the shelves, dusted off their covers, and assembled them in to one special rental section. For your consideration, we present...



Among the oddities that have yet to pique interest in the curious renter's mind, you'll find:


Who's the guy with the gun? A jilted lover, perhaps? And what's the horse's problem?


Daunted by the idea of drawing? Let a Muppet be your guide!


How many of Erica Kane's made the cut? You know you're curious...


Ron Jeremy AND Lemmy from Motorhead in the SAME MOVIE?!? HECK YEAH!


You'll find these and other undiscovered gems just on the other side of the New Releases A-C shelves. They rent for just $3 each.

* Awesome section sign by our colleague Marc Palm *

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