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Scarecrow dreams of the New Releases for July 24

This week's New Release list is full of foreign detectives, innovative features, films from the 1910s through 40s, and much more:

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

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JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI—Watch 85-year-old master sushi chef Jiro Ono at work in this fascinating documentary on food, fatherhood, and the continuing pursuit of perfection. BLU  @


SILENT HOUSE—Directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau take the haunted house genre to a new level with a thrilling, real-time spooky story about a young woman’s (Elizabeth Olsen from Martha Marcy May Marlene) increasingly horrific time trapped inside her parent’s lake house.  BLU  @


CHILDRENS HOSPITAL: SEASON 3—The dedicated CH staff battles quicksand, food poisoning, and Ecstasy to help sick kids in need. Series regulars Rob Corddry, Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, and Malin Akerman are joined by the usual slew of special guest stars—including a quick Party Down reunion. Warning: This trailer may be suitable for Adult Swim but may not be ok for work.  @


THE DEEP BLUE SEAHouse of Mirth director Terence Davies' adaptation of Terence Rattigan’s play stars Rachel Weisz as a woman consumed by love.  BLU  @


JEAN GREMILLON DURING THE OCCUPATION—Criterion’s Eclipse series presents three films the director our colleague Mark, in the recent issue of City Arts, says is “either French cinema’s best-kept secret or its most neglected." The set includes Lumiere D’Ete (1943), Remorques (1941), and Le Ciel Est A Vous (1944).  @




Gin Tama:  The Movie



Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets




Blade   @

Don 2


The Last Days of Disco: Criterion Collection  @

Metropolitan: Criterion Collection  @



Boss: Season 1

Inspector Lewis: Series 5

The Untouchables: Season 4, Volume 1

The Untouchables: Season 4, Volume 2



Anno 1790: Episodes 1-10 (2011)—Sweden

Bathory: Countess of Blood (2008)—Slovakia 

Beck: Episodes 1-3 (1997)—Sweden

Beyond the Steppes (2010)—Belgium

Commissario Brunetti: Episodes 13 & 14 (2007)—Germany

The Corridor (2011)—Canada

The Day After Halloween (1979)—Australia  @

Footnote (2012)—Israel

Last of England (1987)—UK   A special remastered edition of Derek Jarman’s film   BLU  @

Maigret: Episodes 1-12 (1991)—France

The Monitor (2011)—Norway

My Way (2011)—Korea   BLU  @

Red Squirrel (1993)—Spain, directed by Julio Medem

Teza (2008)—directed by Haile Gerima

With Clean Hands (PAL Code 2)(1974)—Romania



Todd Barry: Super Crazy

Beat Hotel   @

Better This World 

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Fixation (2012)   @

Genetic Chile

Hidden India: The Kerala Spicelands

Fela Kuti: Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense and Berliner Jazztage ‘78

Nature: Cracking the Koala Code

Never Stand Still: Dancing at Jacob’s Pillow  @

NOVA: Why Ships Sink

Patagonia Rising


Secrets of the Dead: Doping for Gold

The Story of England



Arizona (1931)

Brake (2011)   BLU

Case of the Black Pearl (1931)

Double Exposure (1982)

Endeavour (2012)  BLU

Hearse / Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1980)

In The Money (1933)

Institute Benjamenta (1995)--Animation from the Quay Brothers   @

Invasion of the Reptoids / Zombie on the Loose

Meeting Evil

My Dog Shep (1946)

Reggie Mixes In / His Wife’s New Lid (1916)

Shark Woman (1933)

Shopworn (1932)

Speed Madness (1932) / Night Patrol (1926)

Sunny Skies (1930)

Ten Cents a Dance (1931)

3 Wise Girls (1931)

Those We Love (1932)

Treasure Island (2012)  BLU  @

True Story of a Woman in Jail: Continues

Virtue (1932)

Woman’s Man (1934)



Always Goodbye (1938)

Baroness and the Butler (1938)

Bitter Harvest (1981)

Caged Fury (1990)

Career Woman (1936)

Cat Burglar (1961)

Chicken Every Sunday (1949)

Children of An Lac (1980)

Children of Times Square (1986)

Claudia (1943)

Dangerous Years (1948)

Diplomatic Courier (1952)

Do You Love Me (1946)

Foxes of Harrow (1947)

Fraulein (1958)

Hangfire (1991)

Hard to Handle (1933)

Hudson’s Bay (1940)

Intent to Kill (1958)

Jewel Robbery (1932)

Junior Miss (1945)

Kidnapped (1938)

Ladies They Talk About (1933)

Lawyer Man (1932)

Leave ‘Em Laughing (1981)

Life Begins at Eight-Thirty (1942)

Lisa (1990)

Man I Married (1937)

Man Wanted (1932)

Mind Reader (1933)

Miss Pinkerton (1932)

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951)

Mr. Scoutmaster (1953)

My Wife’s Best Friend (1952)

Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943)

New Year’s Evil (1980)

One Thrilling Night (1942)

Operation Bikini (1963)

Outside Man (1972)

Perfect Snob (1941)

Rings on Her Fingers (1940)

Secret Agent of Japan (1942)

Six Pack Annie (1979)

Slave Ship (1937)

Suez (1938)

Sunday Dinner for a Solider (1944)

Sweet Rosie O’Grady (1943)

They Call It Sin (1932)

They Came to Blow Up America (1943)

3 Brave Men (1957)

12 Hours to Kill (1960)

Way of a Gaucho (1952)

Windows (1980)


We'll return next week with Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre (from Criterion!), a new collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 films, Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion on Blu-ray, and much more. Happy viewing to all.

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