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Adventure Time! New Releases for July 10

It’s a big New Release week for television, documentaries (particularly ones about the UK), and entertainment for our younger patrons. Here’s the list:

BLU = Also available to rent on Blu-ray disc

@ = Available for sale in the store (but we can special order anything, see us for details)

Our online store is still undergoing a revamp--please email us at or give us a call at (206) 524-8554 if you need to buy something without setting foot in the store.


MARGARET—Our colleague Matt says of You Can Count On Me director Kenneth Lonergan’s long-awaited film: “[it’s] an ambitious, messy, almost jerry-rigged ensemble drama that tackles such diverse subjects as young womanhood, Middle East peace, 9/11, adult romance, survivor’s guilt and more, all without for a second lacking in authorial confidence or thematic coherence. Margaret is a total masterpiece.”  BLU 


THE FLOWERS OF WAR—Christian Bale stars as an American stranded with a group of young women in an abandoned church during the Japanese invasion of China in the new film from director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers).  BLU


AMERICAN REUNION—The Pie gang gathers for their high school reunion and a pleasant reminder of why you loved the raunchy original.  BLU


ADVENTURE TIME: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON—Quality entertainment for both kids and adults. Our colleague Spenser says in the recent City Arts that “it’s easily the most uninhibitedly imaginative and delightfully bizarre show on television.” @


THE SAPHEAD and THE DEVIL’S NEEDLE—Kino Classics presents several silent films this week: Buster Keaton’s first starring role in 1920’s The Saphead, and Norma Talmadge as a drug-addled artist muse in 1916’s The Devil’s Needle. The collection includes two other rare tales of vice and redemption: 1913’s Inside the White Slave Traffic and 1915’s Children of Eve.   BLU  @



Bleach: Set 13, Episodes 194-205

Girl Who Leapt Through Space: Volume 4

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Complete Series



AAAHH!!! Real Monsters: Season 2

CatDog: Season 2, Part 1

Cinnamon (2011) 

G.I. Joe: Renegades-Season 1, Volume 1 (2010)

Hey Dude: Season 3 

Jungle Bunch: The Movie

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Season 1

Phineas and Ferb: The Perry Files

Pokemon The Movie: Black/White

Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy

Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites

Radio Rebel (2012)

Rocko’s Modern Life: Season 3

Sealab 2020: Complete Series

Superhero Squad Show: Season 2, Volume 3

Teen Spirit

Thundercats: Season 1, Book 2 (2011)



Agneepath (2012)

Altered States   @

Blade II   @

Brainstorm (1983)    @

Chariots of Fire   @

Hum Tum

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

My Name is Khan

New York (2009)

Outland (1981)  @


Twins of Evil   @


Weeds: Season 2



American Pickers: Volume 3

Decoded: Season 2

Doctor Who, Story 047: The Krotons—with Second Doctor Patrick Troughton

Doctor Who, Story 072: Death to The Daleks—with Third Doctor Jon Pertwee

Dog The Bounty Hunter: Taking It To The Streets

Emily’s Reasons Why Not: Complete Series

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Season 6, Volumes 1 & 2

The Glades: Season 2

Hell’s Kitchen: Season 7

House of Payne: Volume 9

The Inbetweeners: Complete Series   @

Meet The Browns: Season 6

My Boys: Season 4 (final season)

Pawn Stars: Volume 4

Rags to Riches: Complete Series

S.W.A.T.: Season 2 (final season)

Sarah Silverman Program: Season 3

Sergeant Cribb: Complete Series

Teen Wolf: Season 1

Warehouse 13: Season 3



Amor en Transito (2009)—Argentina

Bearskin-An Urban Fairytale (1989)—UK

Carry On Henry VIII / Carry On At Your Convenience (1971)—UK

Carry On Matron / Carry On Girls (1972)—UK

Carry On Up The Jungle / Carry On Loving (1970)—UK

Drowning By Numbers (1988)—UK, directed by Peter Greenaway

Good Morning President (2009)—Korea

Love Birds (2011)—New Zealand

Love Story (1944)—UK 

Making Plans for Lena (2009)—France

Paradise (2009)—France 

Pastorela (2011)—Mexico

People Who Own The Dark (1976)—Spain

Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog (2004)—Japan

Sophie’s Revenge (2009)—China

Starhyke: Season 1 (2009)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Street Days (2010)—Georgia

Tenants (2009)—Brazil

Louis Theroux: The Collection (1998)(PAL Code 2)—UK

Vigo: Passion for Life (2001)—France

You Are Here (2010)—Canada



Bobcat Goldthwait: You Don’t Look The Same Either

The Code

Diamond Queen


Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street

Ganges: The Divine River 

Great Moments at Husky Stadium

Henry IV: Parts 1 & 2 (2010)—Globe Theatre

Henry VIII (2010)—Globe Theatre

In The Footsteps of Beethoven

In The Footsteps of Chopin

In The Footsteps of Tchaikovsky

In The Footsteps of Verdi

Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance

Kassim The Dream

B.B. King: Live at Royal Albert Hall 2011

Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods

My House is Full of Mirrors

No Room for Rock Stars: Vans Warped Tour

NOVA: Deadliest Tornadoes

Nunset Boulevard: Nunsense Hollywood Bowl Show

Queen’s Palaces

Raising Hope: The Equal Voice Story

Ray Romano: 95 Miles to Go

Rose Tattoo: Live in 1993 from Boggo Road Jail

Del Shores: My Sordid Life

St. Petersburg: Window on Europe

Swan Lake: Matthew Bourne (2012)

This is Civilization

Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion

Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved

To Whom It May Concern: Ka Shen’s Journey

Treasure Houses of Britain

Violin Masters: Two Gentlemen of Cremona 

Welcome to Rockwell




Almost Kings

Aunt Bam’s Place

The Babysitter (1969)

Being Flynn  BLU

Beyond (2011)

Black Cobra

Black Limousine

Bling Ring

Blood Mania/Land of the Minotaur

Chasing Happiness

Cherry Bomb

C’Mon Man


Dirty Old Town

Disco Exorcist

Eagle’s Wing (1979)

Fever Night

Fool and His Money

Freak Dance—A film by members of Upright Citizens Brigade  @

The Gamblers (1970)

Girl Fight (2011)

Golf in The Kingdom --Watch the trailer of this inspirational story and see if you can guess who the young star is. Hint: "Truce! Truce!" The answer is here.

Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood

Hopelessly in June

I Kissed a Vampire

Jerk Theory

Kill Speed

Knockdown (2011)

Legend of Hell’s Gate

Madison County—Unrated!

Metal Tornado

Necessary Death

96 Minutes

On The Ice

Paraiso (2009)

Poor Little Rich Girl (1917) / Hoodlum (1919)

Proud Men (1987)

Reel Love

Rogue River (2012)

Severed Arm / So Sad About Gloria


Uncle Kent

Valley of the Sun (2011)


Tune in next week for Casa De Mi Padre, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, the new Three Stooges movie, Criterion's Down By Law on Blu-ray, and much more.





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