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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 31: Bad Movies We Love

Friend of Scarecrow and fan of our podcast Brian Saur (@bobfreelander on Twitter) has been running a lengthy series at his blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks, with all kinds of great guests listing their favorite "bad" movies. He asked some of us to make lists for him, and Matt, Kevin, Laird and Spenser got together to discuss their picks in this epic podcast recorded at Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard. Prepare yourself for two hours of muddy audio (sorry for the technical problems), during which time the gentlemen recommend over fifty trash classics. If you're a fan of cheap thrills and low budgets, don't miss this massive installment!

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NOTE: The episode contains the occasional swear word and therefore may not be suitable for work or all audiences.

Visit Brian's blog for all the thought-provoking lists, including those by:





Mark Steiner


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