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If those seemingly random words put together in that order makes you nostalgic with excitement, then get ready to change your pants because you are about to pee them! SCARECROW VIDEO is the proud new owner of a 3-Disc BOX SET of SAMURAI PIZZA CATS!!! The English-dubbed early morning import cartoon that aired right after Sailor Moon! This mysterious SPC boxset is a rarity indeed. It's alright if you're not quite sure what a Samurai Pizza Cat is, or if you have left the show long forgotten in the back of your brain. One thing for sure is--you'll have the goofy theme song stuck in your head all day. Samurai Pizza Cats English Theme Song Currently for RENTAL ONLY! Find it in the kid's new release section! $3 for 4 days! Rediscover the greatest wacky over-dubbed meta-cartoon gem of the 90s!