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The Scarecrow Video Podcast Episode 29: Meat, Beer & Movies

In the latest episode of the Scarecrow Video podcast, Matt is joined by Kevin Clarke, Marc Palm, and Laird Jimenez for some Memorial Day weekend barbeque and movie chat.

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NOTE: The episode contains a few swear words and therefore may not be suitable for work or all audiences.

Laird has been frequenting our city's independent cinemas and enjoyed Deep End and Douglas Sirk's Sleep My Love.

Marc finally watched Blood Simple, and much Coen Brothers adoration follows.

Kevin's not sure of the pronunciation, but he is sure he enjoyed Claude Chabrol's shocking Ceremonie. He also recommends you only listen to the score--and maybe Anthony Hopkins--in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula.

Matt and everyone else is crazy for Dirty Dozen-like story Eastern Condors directed by Sammo Hung. Matt says it's "pretty much 90 solid minutes of the most insane martial arts action you'll ever find."  The discussion reminds me that you should revisit our Before They Were Bastards post.


The listener email prompts a lively discussion of what objectively horrible films the gentlemen enjoy anyway. For the record: Matt really does love Michael Bay.

The episode wraps up with an Avengers-inspired discussion of superhero movies, film criticism, and, oddly enough, toast. 

You'll find previous Scarecrow Video podcast episodes in our site archives.


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