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Cinema happenings for the week of May 4

Seattle is full of film festival goodness this week, with Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival, STIFF, or the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, and the recently announced lineup for this year's Seattle International Film Festival. (I have to stop thinking about this event or I will freak out.)

We gave you a quick rundown of the festival action in a previous post, so let's commence with the rest of what's on screens this week:


SIFF Cinema

Opening Friday, May 4

The Island President--Director Jon Shenk's (The Lost Boys of Sudan) documentary on the Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed and his determined crusade for action against climate change. The Maldives is a small island nation in the Pacifc and one of the flattest countries in the world. Rising sea levels threaten to submerge the nation's islands and render them unihabitable.

Death of a Superhero--A tender coming-of-age story about a 15-year old's search for escape, truth, and love through his animated alter-ego, the help of an unorthodox psychologist (played by Andy Serkis), and the affections of a rebellious classmate.

#ReGENERATION--"The award-winning documentary film, #ReGENERATION, explores the galvanizing forces behind the Occupy Movement and the state of social activism in our society. The film takes an uncompromising look at the challenges facing today's youth and young adults as they attempt to engage on a myriad of social and political issues." The film features interviews with many artists, activists, and scholars such as Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Talib Kweli. It's narrated by Ryan Gosling.


Saturday, May 5

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari--The classic 1920 silent horror film featuring a live soundtrack by DJ Nicfit. It's part of SIFF's excellent Face The Music series.

The Wizard of Oz--A favorite of ours, naturally. This Films4Families presentation includes trailers for family-friendly fare at SIFF.


Sunday, May 6

Star Kids: The Beginning--"Star Kids is a sci-fi/fantasy children’s film about four extraordinary kids who must discover who they are in order to save the world from ultimate destruction. With the help of a few special powers, many challenges and friends along the way, the children undergo individual transformations that empower them on their journey to save the world!"


Continuing runs

Pina-Wim Wenders' Oscar-nominated documentary is a dazzling tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch. It's now in 2D, but that makes it no less spectacular.

Indie Game: The Movie--An emotional documentary about the struggles and sacrifices of independent video game designers.


Monday, May 7

The Bright Stream--Dimitri Shostakovich's delightful romantic comedy ballet as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet.


Wednesday, May 9

Water Calling: Short Films--The Next 50 Film Series presents a free screening of shorts all about about water quality, drainage issues, and environmental stewardship.



Northwest Film Forum

Friday, May 4--Thursday, May 10

Attenberg--An offbeat coming-of-age story from Greece about a young woman who chooses to observe the world around her the songs of Suicide and Sir Richard Attenborough's nature documentaries. "Equal parts abstract theater and melodrama, Attenberg sincerely and humorously navigates the defining moments in life."

Saturday, May 5--Monday, May 7

UCLA Festival of Preservation--The UCLA Film and Television Archive presents a sample of their rescued films. This week brings Robert Altmans' Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean on Saturday, Barbara Loden's Wanda on Sunday, and Samuel Beckett's FILM and Waiting For Godot on Monday. All are shown in glorious 35mm prints.

Tuesday, May 8--Thursday, May 10

Notes on the Cinematographer: The Films of Robert Bresson--The last three films in NWFF's series on the influential filmmaker: Lancelot of the Lake (1974) on Tuesday, Four Nights of a Dreamer (1971) on Wednesday, and Un Femme Douce (1969) on Thursday. If you're looking to continue your Bresson viewing, visit his section here at Scarecrow.


Central Cinema

Friday, May 4--Wednesday, May 9

Happy Gilmore--Adam Sandler attempts golf greatness to save his grandma's house and acheives comedic greatness in the process.

Caddyshack--I know there's probably only three of you who even read this, so it's clearly a safe place for me to admit an embarrassing fact: I HAVE NEVER SEEN CADDYSHACK. Whew, that feels good to get off my chest. If you're like me and have been pretending to have seen it all these years, get yourself to the CC this week.

Tuesday, May 8

Doctor Who--A TV Dinner with Doctor Who episodes "Blink" and "The Doctor's Wife," presented by GeekGirlCon, along with an appropriately themed burlesque number by the Behind The Blue Door troupe.


Grand Illusion Cinema

STIFF will be occupying the GI for the week; check their schedule for the lineup. Late Nights are taking a Spring Break and will return in mid-June.



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