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Great films come in small packages!

Introducing our 10 Great Section.

Hi - this is Rhias and I'm here to tell you about the new section of Scarecrow that I am curating. This section is called 10 Great, and it is the smallest section in the store. You'll find it hanging (like a little bat house) on the end of aisle 4 in the director's section. The idea behind 10 Great is to help you out when you are in one of those "I want something good but I don't know what it is" moods. Every month the 10 Great section will contain 10 films which are all genuinely great entertainment (and I don't mean that in an ironic way, like that time that "Spice World" ended up in the Best of the 90's section). These are films which I love, and which I sincerely hope that you will love too.

For the month of May I've chosen 10 Documentaries, all of which I will personally vouch for.


Cocaine Cowboys:
Cocaine Cowboys tells the story of how cocaine turned Miami from a quiet vacation/retirement getaway, to a booming metropolis, and then to a battleground. Interviews with real-life smugglers, DEA agents, and an absolutely terrifying hit-man make this one absolutely unforgettable. You usually don't get stories like this outside of action movies.

Double Dare:
And speaking of action movies (see what I did there?)  Double Dare gives you a double dose of action. Focusing on the lives of two stunt women (industry veteran, Jeanne Epper and newcomer Zoe Bell) Double Dare is full of great behind-the-scenes footage and is an inspirational story of two women who literally kick ass in a male dominated industry.

Good Hair:
In Good Hair, comedian Chris Rock guides us through the world of African American hairstyles and haircare. From the semiotics of Angela Davis' glorious 'fro to the temples of India where most of the hair used in weaves is sourced, this movie covers lots of ground without ever becoming dull or lifeless.


Horatio's Drive:
Horation Nelson Jackson was one of the first men to attempt to drive coast to coast in an automobile, and if that sounds boring to you, then you should check this movie out. To start with, there weren't many roads back then - and most peoplehad never even seen a car. Horatio couldn't stop at a gas station, because gas stations weren't invented yet. He couldn't stay in a motel because there weren't any! This is the perfect film to watch before you take a road trip - you won't believe how lucky you are!!!

In the Realms of the Unreal:
When misanthropic loner Henry Darger passed away, his neighbors discovered a hidden world in his
small apartment. This documentary tells the story of what they found, and of the magnificent inner life of the ultimate outsider artist.


Marjoe Gortner was one of the most famous evangelists of his time. Known as "the Miracle Child" Marjoe started preaching sermons at the age of four, and continued working in tent revivals until reaching adulthood. At the time this documentary was made Marjoe was still at the top of his game, this documentary follows him on his final tour as he wholeheartedly renounces the practices he was raised with and embarks on a journey of revelation and self discovery.

The Natural History of the Chicken:
This film is mostly here because it is short and fun. You'll meet chickens, chicken lovers, pet chickens and educated chickens. Did you know you can have up to three of them if you live in Seattle? Get your poultry party started!!!

Small Town Gay Bar:
Here in Seattle, we are lucky enough to have a vibrant and embracing gay community, many places in the world aren't that lucky. Small Town Gay Bar looks at what it means to be different in communities where "different" isn't always accepted. I love this film for its honesty, its integrity, and the way that they managed to avoiding quoting the theme to Cheers, even though they totally should have.

The Staircase:
With more twists and turns than most thrillers, The Staircase examines the death of a woman who may (or may not) have fallen to her death down a particularly steep and narrow stairway. Following the case from before the initial 911 call, to the ultimate jury decision, The Staircase will keep you guessing right up until the end.

Vernon Florida:
Errol Morris originally went to Vernon Florida to make a documentary about insurance, but what he found there was a vibrant community full of unforgettable characters with great stories to tell. From an obsessive turkey hunter, to a man who would like very much to sell you a possum, you will

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